Administrative Support Job Description

Administrative support job description and profile

The administrative support job description entails numerous responsibilities that require the individual to assume the role of information and communication managers. The tasks included in this profile range from welcoming the visitors to the office to guiding new employees. The individuals working as administrative support staff must be flexible while performing their duties. Some of the tasks include typing letters, ordering lunch, making travel arrangements, or setting up meetings. The administrative support personnel must be capable to perform various tasks simultaneously and willing to complete various daily tasks. In addition, the individual performs number of clerical jobs that ensure the smooth functioning of the organization.

Administrative support duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinating the various activities for the company‚Äôs smooth functioning
  • Storing, retrieving, and integration of information for distribution among the clients and employees
  • Managing the projects and researching on projects that are the responsibility of his/her senior executive
  • Answer the incoming calls and check emails
  • Travel arrangements and guests arrangements
  • Reservations of tickets, hotels, and restaurants

Administrative support education, training, and qualifications

The entry level jobs, as administrative support staff requires the individual to possess a high school diploma. Some individuals may choose community college degrees to acquire office and typing skills for positions higher in the hierarchy. The individuals must possess excellent typing and office skills to succeed as an administrative support staff. Individuals willing to work in this profile in a legal or medical facility require undergoing specialized training in the specific sectors.

Administrative support degrees, courses, and certification

The minimum educational degree required by this profile is a high school diploma focusing on office skills. Additional courses that provide typing skills, computer skills, and working with complex telecommunication devices are recommended. Administrative support job description is a special stream, such as legal or medical requires knowledge about that sector. A degree from a community college that provides business skills is an added advantage to individuals aspiring to become administrative support personnel.

Administrative support skills and specifications

  • Excellent typing skills
  • Ability to work on computer programs, such as word processing and spreadsheets
  • Office and business administration skills
  • Interpersonal abilities
  • Coordination capabilities
  • Ability to handle telephones, mails, and fax for communications
  • Ability to follow directions without supervision
  • Negotiation skills
  • Basic knowledge on accounting

Administrative support salary

The average salary earned by an administrative support staff in the country is $49,414 per annum.

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