Architect Job Description

Architect Job Description and Profile

Architect is required to design the exterior and interior of every building. An architect is required to design, plan and execute according to the size of the project and client’s demand. Architect is required to visit the site and mark the progress from start to end. He has to make sure that blueprints are followed and the construction work is up to the mark.

Architect also supervises the construction work. He is responsible for the safety, design, and aesthetics of the buildings. An architect works with various people as engineers, contractors, and landscape architects. An architect designs new buildings, extends and alters the existing buildings. They also do the restoration and conservation of old properties. An architect makes sure that the designs match the client’s needs, and must be functional, safe and economical.

Architect Duties and Responsibilities

  • Discussion of the feasibility, requirements and budget of a project
  • Preparation and presentation of design and feasibility reports for the client
  • Assistance with the site selection
  • Maintaining the financial budgets and deadlines
  • Producing detailed work, drawings and specifications
  • Finalizing the quality of materials required for the business
  • Preparation of tender applications and presentations
  • Management of the project and co-coordinating the work of contractors
  • Supervising a project from start to finish
  • Ensure that project will complete in time and mentioned budget
  • Resolving the issues and conflicts during construction

Architect Education, Training and Qualifications

The applicant before practicing architecture must hold a bachelor’s degree in the same. Three years of practical experience is needed in the field before actual practice. Thus, internship with a nice and reputed firm is required. The architects are required to be accredited before practice.

Architect Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is the basic requirement. Special courses in for a career of Architect are being offered by several accredited institutions. An internship with any reputed firm also counts. A large number of technological courses and certifications are available in the field of design.

Architect Skills and Specifications

  • Strong design and imagination skills
  • Excellent observation and analytical abilities
  • Ability to understand the problems at hand and provide troubleshooting solutions
  • High level of creativity in order to suggest innovative solutions
  • A very keen eye for the quality of material to be used
  • An efficient team worker as well as have the ability to lead
  • Ability to work without supervision

Architect Salary

Salary ranges between $54,000 and $68,000 with national median salary being $61,000 per annum.

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