Bank Administrative Assistant Job Description

Bank administrative assistant job description and profile

The bank administrative assistant job description is an important role in the smooth functioning of the bank. These assistants provide services to the senior executives and other bank officials. The profile of the administrative assistants varies from one company to another organization. Some of the jobs included in this profile are planning and scheduling the meetings, undertaking research, organization, and maintenance of various files and computer records, and making travel arrangements for the executives. Moreover, answering incoming telephone calls and routing these, sending and receiving emails and faxes, and general correspondence is included in the profile of a bank administrative assistant.

Bank administrative assistant duties and responsibilities

  • Ensuring smooth operations of the administration functions without elevating to the senior executives
  • Scheduling and managing the appointment calendars for the senior management
  • Responsible for handling incoming telephone calls
  • Receiving and sending emails and faxes
  • Handling the correspondence on behalf of the senior executives
  • Making travel, hotel, and accommodation arrangements for the senior management
  • Additional duties as required to ensure that the senior executives are able to work without any hindrance

Bank administrative assistant education, training, and qualifications

The bank administrative assistant must possess a graduate degree in any field to qualify. In addition, training in administration and office skills is beneficial for the position of an administrative assistant. Qualifications that provide the capability to work and handle various office equipments, such as telephones, fax machines, and photocopiers is mandatory. Training in short hand typing, basic computer skills, and business communication is beneficial to succeed as the bank administrative assistant.

Bank administrative assistant degrees, courses, and certification

The minimum degree required to qualify in the bank administrative assistant job description is a graduate degree. It is recommended to undertake an education in business organization, office administration, finance, or accounting for better prospects. Courses that provide computer knowledge and business communication are beneficial for the profile of an administrative assistant. Awareness on the various guidelines that are applicable to the banking industry and relevant work experience provides an edge over other potential candidates.

Bank administrative assistant skills and specifications

  • Excellent written and communication skills
  • Capable of handling and working with office equipments
  • Basic computer skills to maintain records and spreadsheets
  • Management and organizational skills
  • Ability to follow written and oral instructions
  • Capable of handling the work without supervision
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

Bank administrative assistant salary

The average annual salary earned by a bank administrative assistant is $66,250.

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