BPO Trainer Job Description

BPO Trainer Job Description And Profile

The job of a BPO trainer is to help and guide the telemarketing employees of a company. The trainer guides the employees about the importance of customer service in telemarketing and helps them to make most of them for the company. The trainer needs to help the employees to improve their capabilities and skills in performing various tasks. These tasks involves conducting surveys, taking polls, processing warranty claims, offering free information and providing other services through phone to the customer. A BPO trainer is responsible for the delivery of training and facilitation of the call center employees. The trainer should be comfortable to assist the users who have problems and questions regarding the use of desktop systems.

BPO Trainer Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Monitor, provide, record and evaluate effective training activities.
  • Purchase or design training programs that can be used to develop or/and improve the skills required for the job
  • Implementation and revision of training programs
  • Assesses training needs
  • Develop training methods and materials
  • Writes procedure manuals
  • Presents information using a large variety of techniques, including visual materials, team exercises, role playing and decisions
  • Evaluates and select vendors for a specialized training

BPO Trainer Job Education, Training And Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree is required for the entry-level training positions. As such no job experience is required compulsory. The candidates with an interdisciplinary background, including courses in behavioral sciences, business administration and social sciences are preferred because they can serve well in this field.

BPO Trainer Job Degrees, Courses And Certifications

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute is the basic requirement, irrespective of the subject. But some courses are preferred over others. Special courses for a BPO trainer are being offered at various accredited institutes. If a person has completed any certificate course in the field of training then he/she will be preferred over the person without any course in this field.

BPO Trainer Job Skills And Specifications

  • Public presentation and speaking skills
  • Ability to develop curriculum
  • Ability to design training, including the methods of assessing effectiveness
  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Good command over English language
  • Familiar with communication techniques and media production
  • Understanding of the aspects like group dynamics and personal psychology
  • Management principles, human resources procedures, customer service and computer skills
  • Listening and time management skills
  • Manage small as well as large groups

BPO Trainer Job Salary

According to occupational information network, during 2009 the approximate salary of a BPO trainer is $52,120 annually or $25.06 hourly.

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