Business Process Analyst Job Description

Business process analyst job description and profile

The business process analyst job description is very demanding and can be stressful. It entails several challenges and responsibilities to develop solutions for resolving any problems that arise in the daily operations of the business. These analysts interpret management information within an organization to resolve any problems, and improving the efficiency of conducting business. In addition, the person is responsible for bridging the gap between management objectives and technology to improve the business processes. The most important aspect of a business process analyst is to liaison between the business component of the organization and the information technology division to enable the technical experts to develop technologies that meet the business requirements.

Business process analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Translating the business process of the information technology department
  • Developing flow charts to enable the technical experts understand the business needs
  • Transmitting information from the IT department to the senior management of the company
  • Testing new computer applications to verify its functionalities
  • Analyzing the various business processes to improve efficiencies and reduce the expenditure

Business process analyst education, training, and qualifications

A business process analyst must possess a bachelor’s degree that focuses on developing his/her numerical capabilities. In addition, the individual must complete masters in business administration degree to qualify as a business process analyst. Training in technical knowledge and understanding computer programs is recommended for the business process analyst job description. Additional qualifications that are beneficial to understand business requirements are preferred by larger organizations. Relevant work experience that enables individuals to develop their skills is beneficial.

Business process analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The business process analyst must complete both his/her bachelor as well as master’s degree to be able to find a position. In addition, courses that provide technical knowledge on various computer programming are very advantageous for this profile. Several employers prefer to hire individuals with relevant work experience in a related field as business process analyst. Analytical and numerical skills are an important aspect of course training while aspiring to work as a business process analyst.

Business process analyst skills and responsibilities

  • Technical skills
  • Knowledge on business process and processes
  • Mathematical and analytical capabilities
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to understand and communicate the requirements of business departments to the information technology department and vice versa
  • Strong interpersonal skills

Business process analyst salary

The annual income of a business process analyst is between $61,639 and $102,198. The average yearly income reported is $81,308.

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