Call Center Trainer Job Description

Call Center Trainer Job Description And Profile

Call Center Trainer Is A Professional Who Trains The Employees In Call Centers In Various Aspects Such As Developing Communication Skills, Ways Of Talking Professionally With Customers, Ways Of Handling Difficult Customers, Conducting Customer Surveys And Other Soft Skills Required For The Job. Trainers Report to the Call Center Training Manager. They Are Also Responsible For Conducting Orientation Classes And Seminars That Will Improve Skills Of Employees. He Also Has To Monitor And Evaluate Performance Of Employees In The Call Center.

Call Center Trainer Duties And Responsibilities

  • Formulating Training Lessons Including Audio And Video Sessions, Course Material And Schedule That Can Best Help In Training Employees
  • Conducting Exams To Evaluate The Skill Of Employees
  • Conducting Classes For New Employees And Teaching Them The Call Center Drill From The Basics
  • Conducting Advanced Courses On Development Of Communication Skills
  • Keeping Track Of Performance Of Employees
  • Evaluate Their Performance Based On The Requirements Of The Call Center
  • Run Evaluation Drives Regularly
  • Sometimes, Call Center Trainers Are Also Required To Participate In Recruitments

Call Center Trainer Education, Training And Qualifications

A Bachelor’s Degree Is The Basic Requirement For The Job Of A Call Center Trainer. This Is Usually An Entry Level Job. Skills Are Very Necessary For The Job. Good Communication, Management And Administrative Skills Are Required For The Job. A Candidate Can Acquire Training In These Skills In Vocational Courses. Experience Of Work Is Definitely Required.

Call Center Trainer Degrees, Courses & Certification

A Bachelor’s Degree In Business Administration Is The Most Preferred Degree. The Other Preferred Subjects Are Communication Studies, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences And Business Administration. Liberal Arts Is Another Subject That Is Preferred By Call Center Executives.  For Quick Career Growth, A Master’s In Business Administration Is Essential.

Certification Is Not Required But The Degree Has To Be From An Accredited And Recognized University.

Call Center Trainer Skills And Specifications

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Excellent Management And Administration Skills
  • Good Motivational Skills
  • Excellent Problem Solving And Troubleshooting Skills
  • Ability To Evaluate And Make Decisions Regarding Efficiency Of Employees
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills
  • A Knowledge About Human Psychology
  • Ability To Understand Concerns Of Employees

Call Center Trainers Salary/Wage

Salary of a Call Center Trainer Can Range between $36,000 and $65,000 per Annum.

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