Travel Job Description

Travel job description and profile

The travel job is the one of the most thrilling and adventures jobs in the planet. Travel job needs one to visit many places for reviewing, analyzing, and other kinds of research processes for traveling. Numerous services are applicable in this field based upon the duties along with the required skill sets. These jobs include travel nurse job, travel agent job, travel writer job, and travel counselor job etc.

Travel Job duties and responsibilities

  • Ought to have the responsibilities of researching and booking travel arrangements like honeymoon, family tour, and commercial tour
  • Travel agents provide the necessary information regarding the transportation, weather condition, and accommodation of the desired destination.
  • Travel nurses look after the health conditions of the travelers or their clients.
  • Responsibility of gathering all sorts of necessary information of a particular tourist location like hotels, weather condition, and most visited tourist spots, and available vehicles etc. for preparing tourist guidebooks
  • They provide them to the visitors of that area just for giving them a detail overview of that area before having a visit to that place.
  • They also guide them how to visit a particular place much cost effectively.

Travel Job education, training and qualifications

To secure a service in this field an applicant need to have bachelor degree in tourism, history, business, hospitality, or geography. It will help them to perform their job responsibility perfectly. Necessary training in tourism can be another means of getting into this field.

Travel Job degrees, courses and certifications

There are many schools, and universities exist in USA. They offer 4 years degree courses in travel tourism, in hospitality along with many vocational and associate training courses in travel and tourism.

Travel Job skills and specifications

  • The aspirants must be capable with traveling in different places frequently without any limitation of time.
  • They should be physically completely fit and should have medical allowance from the doctor to travel without any risk.
  • They should have strong command over the weather condition, historical significance, geographical location, tourist’s spots and other kinds of precious information of a particular place, where their clients are going to visit.
  • They should have good communication skill along with efficiency in computer.

Travel Job salary

Travel agents get the package of approx from $24,000 to $48,000 annually. It depends on the skill and experience of the travel agents.

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Wholesale Job Description

Wholesale Job Description and Profile

Wholesale workers involve in selling merchandise to retail shops and even many businesses. This Wholesale Job ranges from plumbing industry to clothing, pharmaceutical, and Health care industries. Depending on the industry, this Wholesale Job has wide range of classifications; some of them are Fashion Wholesale Jobs, Pharmaceutical Wholesale Jobs, and Plumbing Wholesale Jobs, Wholesale buyer Jobs, Wholesale Seller Jobs, Wholesale Manufacturer Jobs, and Wholesale Distributor Jobs etc.

Wholesale Job duties and responsibilities

  • The basic responsibility of the Wholesalers is to represent the Wholesale houses for buying wide range of different products, manufactured by many manufacturers. It in turn immensely helps the retail shops in reaching those wide ranges of products, manufactured by many manufacturers, as it is not possible for all to get themselves to those varieties of products. Therefore, they often go for Wholesale houses for getting those products.
  • They ought to travel to their customer in many geographical areas to convince them about the products, the Wholesale houses are trying to sell.
  • They have to provide dependable along with prompt service to their customer for building good business relationship with their customers.
  • Fashion Wholesalers need to attend many fashion shows for keeping themselves in contact with the fashion designers or the houses.
  • The fashion Wholesalers need to stock the garments by the requisites of the customers.
  • They have to keep tracks of entire fashion purchased brands along side the list of the fashion designers; the fashion Wholesale houses are dealing with.
  • They should research for the future fashion trends.

Wholesale Job education, training, and qualification

Necessary education and training for different Wholesale jobs vary from industry to industry. For fashion wholesale jobs, applicants need to have college training in fashion whereas, for pharmaceutical Wholesale jobs, applicants should have college training in biological science.

Wholesale Job degrees, courses, and certifications

Bachelor in fashion merchandising is essential for having fashion wholesale jobs. On the other hand, graduation degree in biological science gets its requirement in finding Wholesale job in pharmaceutical industry.

Wholesale Job Skills and specifications

  • Need to have fare knowledge over the respective field, the applicants are looking for the job
  • Should have well communication skill along with computer skill and mathematical skill to keep the statistical records easily.
  • Should be hard working, and familiar to be working under irregular timings of job
  • Must have the problem solving abilities along with the patience

Wholesale Job salary

In 2004, the BLS brought out the report of average annual income of a Wholesaler of the industry related to scientific and technical products is approx $58,580.

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Warehouse Stock Clerk Job Description

Warehouse stock clerk job description and profile

The warehouse stock clerk job description primarily operates from the behind to ensure efficient management of the warehouse. The main responsibilities of the stock clerk include the receipt, unloading, verifying, stocking, and transporting the goods to their destination. The warehouse stock clerk maintains the inventory logs to ensure that all movements of the inventory are correctly recorded. In addition, these individuals are responsible for the delivery of the goods to the sales destination and stocking the sales shelves. Tracking the goods, their storage locations, and organization of the goods are done by the warehouse stock clerk. Moreover, the stock clerks work together with the shipping lines clerks, retail managers, and the cargo agencies.

Warehouse stock clerk duties and responsibilities

  • Recording the incoming and outgoing materials, which includes goods damaged in transit
  • Recording the shipment details and invoice management
  • Coordinating with other individuals, such as cargo agents and shipping clerks
  • Manually loading and unloading materials
  • Cleaning and maintaining the warehouse
  • Ensuring the proper stocking of the inventories
  • Organizing and marking the stocks to easily access the goods when required
  • Stocking the sales floor and the shelves as required

Warehouse stock clerk education, training, and qualifications

The primary educational requirement for the warehouse stock clerk is a high school degree or a GED. Physical training and health training are necessary for individuals to become stock clerks. Individuals holding an associate degree or a bachelor degree have the opportunity to succeed to a senior position in a shorter span of time. Some individuals may opt for some vocational training courses that benefit individuals to acquire the skills required for becoming warehouse stock clerks.

Warehouse stock clerk degrees, courses, and certification

A high school degree is the basic educational qualification required to become stock clerks. Additional courses training individuals in basic skills, such as English, Mathematics, and computer technology are preferred by some larger employers. Certification in communication is recommended as stock clerks are required to work with several external and internal clients. An important aspect of warehouse stock clerk job description is physical and health training, which is a pre-requisite with all the employers.

Warehouse stock clerk skills and specifications

  • Organizational skills to ensure that inventories can be located easily
  • Basic English and mathematical abilities
  • Good communication capabilities
  • Physical fitness, toughness, and endurance
  • Ability to lift, move, and store heavy materials
  • Basic computer knowledge to ensure that the stock clerk is able to use the inventory management systems and the automation processes
  • Ability to work on warehouse machinery and equipment, in case the need arises to handle stocks
  • Capability to execute instructions provided by the supervisor
  • Invoice management and coordination with shipping and cargo agents

Warehouse stock clerk salary

Retail outlets require individuals to organize the inventories, the need for warehouse stock clerks continue to increase, although the automation in the organizations is increasing. The annual salary earned by warehouse stock clerks range from a low of $22,000 to a high of $34,000.

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Warehouse Staff Job Description

Warehouse staff job description and profile

A warehouse staff job description primarily is a clerical position that focuses on the daily administration and organizational functioning of the warehouses. The individuals working in this position must maintain the records of various activities and processes related to the warehouse. Moreover, the warehouse staff must correctly follow all the instructions provided by his or her supervisors. The job opportunities for warehouse staff are available in industries, such as medical, aviation, and retailing. An important part of this job profile is complying with all the legal requirements of acquiring and dispatching the materials. Moreover, the warehouse staff is responsible for maintaining stock balances, price lists, and other documentations.

Warehouse staff duties and responsibilities

  • Keeping a record of all the materials and supplies stored within the warehouse
  • Following the instructions of the warehouse supervisors and/or managers
  • Maintaining the documents related to the inflow and outflow of all materials
  • Supporting in the legal procedure for documenting the receipt and dispatch of the goods and materials
  • Completing the order forms and the material requisition documents
  • Maintaining a record of surplus, deficit, or damaged goods
  • Reporting any discrepancies in the inventories to the supervisors
  • Recording the servicing and maintenance records of the warehouse machinery and equipment
  • Getting ready documents, such as pricing lists, inventory levels, and similar other paperwork

Warehouse staff education, training, and qualifications

The minimum educational qualification required by the employers while hiring the warehouse staff is a high school degree or an equivalent education. In addition, employers prefer when the individuals possess a diploma in accounting, stock management, and other related fields while hiring warehouse staff and personnel. A basic training in English and computers is advisable for individuals seeking employment as warehouse staff. Prior experience in a similar position is advantageous in gaining quicker promotions.

Warehouse staff degrees, courses, and certification

A high school degree or an equivalent is necessary for finding employment as warehouse staff. Certification course in basic computer knowledge and operations is an added advantage for efficient execution of the warehouse staff job description duties. Courses that impart training in the legal procedure and compliance of inventories are beneficial to individuals aiming for an employment opportunity in this field. The individuals must be qualified to handle the inventory management and other documentation that is part of this job profile.

Warehouse staff skills and specifications

  • Strong analytical and mathematical capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to read and write
  • Efficient time management skills
  • Ability to clearly understand and follow instructions with minimum supervision
  • Capable of coordinating with other departments within the company
  • Awareness about the legal and safety guidelines for warehouse management
  • Capable of completing the necessary documentation
  • Ability to complete all the required paperwork

Warehouse staff salary

The higher annual warehouse staff salary is recorded as $51,818 while the lowest per annum salary paid to these individuals is approximately $23,508. The national average salary earned by warehouse staff is reported as $32,507 per year.

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Warehouse Picker Job Description

Warehouse picker job description and profile

The primary warehouse picker job description includes keeping the goods in an orderly manner to enable quicker sales. These individuals choose the products that need to be stocked to replace the products that are sold daily. In addition, the warehouse picker must organize the products to ensure that the required products are easily accessible. Moreover, the individual places tags and maintains the inventories as products arrive from the suppliers. The warehouse pickers are the individuals who are responsible to stock the sales shelves with those products that are highly demanded by customers. An important aspect of their job profile includes the functioning of every department within the company.

Warehouse picker duties and responsibilities

  • Handling the inventory controls and the supply chains
  • Works as the assistance, shipping agent, receiving agent, and traffic coordinator
  • Sorting and organizing the products in an orderly manner to easily access the required products
  • Aware about all the different departments as they need to often coordinate with these
  • Recording the products that are received and the return of damaged products
  • Maintaining quality control by verifying the products as these are received

Warehouse picker education, training, and qualifications

The minimum educational qualification required to qualify as a warehouse picker is a high school graduation. Some employers prefer additional training that provides knowledge about the warehouses and their operations. Relevant work experience as a warehouse picker provides the opportunity to grow faster within the industry. Acquiring some basic training in maintaining records and other office administration skills provides aspiring job seekers an added benefit over other job seekers.

Warehouse picker degrees, courses, and certification

A high school graduation degree from an accredited educational institution is necessary for qualifying in the warehouse picker job description. Additional training and similar work experience are beneficial for job seekers. Employers prefer completing a course that provides basic office admin skills. Interpersonal skill development certification is recommended as the job profile includes huge amount of coordination with other departments of the organization. Basic course in English speaking and documentation is required for the job of a warehouse picker.

Warehouse picker skills and specifications

  • Physical fitness providing the capability to lift at least fifty pounds
  • Capable of tremendous amount of physical activities, such as standing for long durations, bending down, or reaching up to access the merchandise
  • Ability to work under pressurizing situations
  • Excellent organizational skills

Warehouse picker salary

The average annual salary earned by a warehouse picker is reported as $28,051.

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Warehouse Custodian Job Description

Warehouse custodian job description and profile

The warehouse custodian job description includes the loading and unloading of products. In addition, the individual is responsible for the correct handling of the goods and other supplies. Maintaining cleanliness and proper storage of the stocks within the warehouse is also the responsible of the warehouse custodian. Ensuring that any stock that is damaged is immediately reported to his or her seniors is part of the custodian’s job profile. Correct packaging, labeling, and tagging the stocks maintained in the warehouse is done by the warehouse custodian. The individual must correctly and efficiently execute the written and verbal orders given by the warehouse supervisors. The warehouse custodian works in coordination with the other members of the warehouse, which include handing over during the shift rotations.

Warehouse custodian duties and responsibilities

  • Preventive maintenance on warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, trucks, and railcars
  • Cleaning and maintaining the storage area
  • Moving the waste from the assembly area to the dumping area
  • Loading and unloading of goods on to the trailers, trucks, and railcars
  • Maintaining the daily warehouse logs
  • Switching off the equipments and keeping these locked when idle
  • Getting the goods ready for shipping, which includes activities, such as wrapping, labeling, and boxing
  • Adhering to the standard operating procedures and safety guidelines

Warehouse custodian education, training, and qualification

An individual who holds some level of high school education (preferably having completed high school) meets the educational requirements of warehouse custodian job description. The individual must be trained in handling warehouse equipment, such as forklifts, railcars, and trucks. In addition, the warehouse custodian should be able to read, write, and follow instructions properly. The individuals willing to develop their career in this field must be physically fit and be able to lift fifty pounds of weight without difficulties.

Warehouse custodian degrees, courses, and certification

A high school degree is preferable for qualifying for the post of a warehouse custodian. A course providing basic skills in mathematics is preferred by a majority of the employers. Completion of certification courses in handling and maintain the warehouse equipments is an added advantage. An awareness of the safety guidelines while handling the machinery is necessary. The employers prefer individuals with some courses providing secondary research. Physical training certification showing the individual’s physical fitness is a pre-requisite for this position.

Warehouse custodian skills and specifications

  • Basic reading, writing, and mathematics knowledge
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Physical fitness to easily carry heavy weights
  • Capable of working with the warehouse equipment
  • Carrying out basic maintenance work on the forklifts, trucks, and other machinery
  • Time organizational skills
  • Ability to carry out instructions correctly with least supervision
  • Following the standard procedures of operations
  • Ensuring that all the safety guidelines are adhered to

Warehouse custodian salary

The highest and lowest annual salary drawn by a warehouse custodian is reported as $39,586 and $21,508, respectively. The national average salary earned by an individual in this job is reported as $29,245 per year.

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Warehouse Assistant Manager Job Description

Warehouse assistant manager job description and profile

A warehouse assistant manager job description is primarily related to the administrative side of the warehouse. The individuals are responsible for organizing the systems to ensure that all the activities associated with the efficient functioning of the warehouse are conducted smoothly. The warehouse assistant manager directly works under the supervision and guidance of the warehouse supervisor or manager. The individual must be capable of following instructions within the prescribed time limits. The warehouse assistant manager is responsible for coordinating the activities with other members of the organization, the transport provider, suppliers, vendors, and other external customers.

Warehouse assistant manager duties and responsibilities

  • Systematically storing the items
  • Maintaining the inventory levels and keeping track of damaged goods
  • Ensuring smooth execution of various functions, such as receiving, dispatching, stocking, and requisitions
  • Coordination with vendors and transport service providers for receipt and dispatch of products
  • Supervising the maintenance activities of the machinery and equipments
  • Correct documentation and adhering to the safety guidelines

Warehouse assistant manager education, training, and qualifications

The warehouse assistant manager job description requires individuals to acquire a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. In addition, employers prefer to hire individuals with a post graduation degree in materials management, inventory and/or bookkeeping, and other related subjects. Moreover, individuals who have a prior work experience in the warehousing or retailing segments have an added advantage over other job seekers. Any other training that provides an understanding on the warehouse and its operation is recommended to succeed in this segment.

Warehouse assistant manager degrees, courses, and certification

A Bachelor’s or an Associate degree with a specialization in stock-keeping, supply chain management, or trade administration is required to become a warehouse assistant manager. A post-graduate degree in some related field provides an added benefit to the job seekers. Acquiring basic training in interpersonal capabilities, written, and communication skills is recommended. Undergoing courses that provide individuals tips and methods for efficient time management is preferable. Any course that enables individuals to work under pressure without cracking is beneficial in this job profile.

Warehouse assistant manager skills and specifications

  • Superior organizational and regulatory capabilities
  • Good writing and communicating abilities
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Correct execution of orders within the deadline
  • Coordinating with colleagues and external agencies
  • Efficient time management capabilities

Warehouse assistant manager salary

The salary earned by a warehouse assistant manager ranges from $19,033 per year to $44,590 per annum.

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Research Analyst Job Description

Research analyst job description and profile

Also known as a financial analyst, a research analyst is a financial services professional individual. The research analysts are generally employed by investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies. The primary research analyst job description includes providing expert analysis along with investment guidance to the organizations. The research analyst examines the efficiency of business operations and procedures. These are reported to the decision makers to make investment decisions. The main goal of a research analyst is to ensure that the business is being operated according to the predefined standards and goals. In addition, these individuals ensure the financial goals of the company are met to ensure that the operations should be continued.

Research analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Providing research support for project analysis
  • Collection and analyzing information
  • Making recommendations and solutions based on their findings
  • Analyzing information to make appropriate investment decision
  • Preparing financial models
  • Defining data requirements, gathering, and validating the information
  • Validation and testing of model to check for accuracy
  • Designing, conducting, and evaluating models with inadequate information to develop a robust model

Research analyst education, training, and qualifications

The research analyst job description requires the individuals to possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or business. Moreover, individuals are advised to complete a graduate degree from an accredited educational institution. An additional master’s degree in operations research or similar field is preferable by larger employers. Training in complex financial modeling, statistical analysis, and simulation techniques provide additional benefits for individuals aspiring to become research analysts. Individuals are advised to complete training in advanced computer skills for this position.

Research analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The minimum degree required for becoming a research analyst is a Bachelor. Further college degree with a specialization in finance, accounts, business, and economics is recommended for this profile. Completing a master’s degree focusing on operations research provides a competitive edge over other potential candidates. Certification from a reputed computer institute providing advanced computer knowledge provides significant advantage to individuals. Statistical and analytical courses and certification is beneficial for succeeding as a research analyst.

Research analyst skills and specifications

  • Strong mathematical, statistical, and analytical skills
  • Capability to make complex financial models
  • Ability to work on computer software programs
  • Detailed understanding of theoretical applications and principles
  • Developing and applying time and cost networks using techniques like PERT
  • Possess an eye for details to study market trends and other factors
  • Ability to work independently under pressure meeting deadlines

Research analyst salary

A research analyst’s yearly income ranges from $55,800 to $103,241 with the average salary earned is $75,935 per annum.

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Research Job Description

Research Job Description and Profile:

If you have excellent analytical and reasoning skills, have a curious bend of mind, have the patience to pore over scores of data and come up with findings, and then this is the job for you. The main responsibility would be to collect and analyze data on different projects, from various resources like books, newspapers, journal articles, Internet resources, published data, etc., and creating summaries. This position is also responsible for preparing grant applications and acquiring funds for the project, purchasing and maintaining equipment required for the research, prepare a budget for the various activities and monitor cash outflow and get the collated data whetted by the research committee.

Research Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review existing material on the research topic using various media like internet resources, published data, etc
  • Gather all data and collate it for research committee’s scrutiny
  • Purchase and maintain equipment needed for the research
  • Formulate questionnaires, conduct research surveys, interview targeted population, etc., to gather data
  • Analyze the data and compile summarized reports, graphs, tables, etc.
  • Publish the research findings in a journal or research publication
  • Monitor the budget and ensure compliance

Research Education, Training and Qualifications:

Although any discipline is acceptable, a bachelor’s degree in a related field like Statistics, Economics, science subject, etc would be a minimum requirement. A Masters degree in the field of research would be desirable. Completion of a technical writing course is very important. Must be an expert with statistical computations and data analysis methods. Prior experience in a similar role would be an added advantage.

Research Degrees, Courses & Certification:

A four year bachelor’s course in any discipline from an accredited university or college is a minimum requirement. A two year Masters degree in a discipline related to the field of research is a plus. Any affiliation or membership in research bodies will be desirable. Must have done courses in statistics, budgeting and data analysis.

Research Skills and Specifications:

  • Excellent knowledge of the topic of the research project
  • Superior computer skills as data analysis will be done using computer and various software tools.
  • Analytical and reasoning skills are essential
  • Good presentation and written skills
  • Must be efficient, disciplined and patient

Research Salary/Wage:

The salary for this position ranges from $74,000 to $100,500 with a median range of $87,000.

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Trainee Job Description

Trainee job description and profile

Each and every organization have various steps of employees ranges from junior most level to senior most level. Trainees are at the junior most level. They are the new joiners, or the fresher. They have just finished their colleges. They are the vital asset of every organization, as they are obviously the future of the company. Therefore, they have to pursue mostly a 6 months course and during that training session management give them both the practical along with the theoretical training for inducting them to the mainstream job, which they get right after completion training.

Trainee duties and responsibilities

  • Trainees need to follow carefully what their seniors are instructing them, and trying to teach them.
  • They should try best to learn fast all the aspects of the job.
  • Sometimes, they ought to perform some field works like going door to door for visiting the clients or for doing surveys.
  • Trainees of the sector, related to public relation, or the trainees of the clerical posts may have to make and attend lots of calls everyday. They should be capable of data entry method and auditing procedure.

Trainee education, training and qualifications

Minimum qualification of a trainee job is a degree certificate or even a diploma in the corresponding field on which they were training. Job experience or even an internship will serve them a lot.

Trainee degrees, courses and certifications

The bachelor degree certificate or even diploma in the specific field, where you have joined as trainee, is necessary. As for instance, for getting a service in IT industry as a trainee, one should have a bachelor degree in IT segment, Computer Science, and Information Science. There are many finishing school also exist, which offer many certification courses to the fresher for preparing them by the requirements of the companies.

Trainee skills and specifications

  • Trainees need to be hard working, as it is the learning period. They should prepare themselves to work for long hours.
  • They should be good learner. Faster they will learn, faster they will progress.
  • They need to have the mentality to work under the pressure. They should know how to deal with the stressful situation.
  • They should be adaptable, enthusiastic, so that they can learn lot of things.
  • They need to have sound communication skill, computer skill, time management skill, and organizing skill.

Trainee Job salary

Depending upon the firm, where the trainee is working, their expertise, experience, and qualification, the salary package of trainee job varies. It can be approx $30,000 p.a. in average.

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Telemarketing Job Description

Telemarketing Job Description and Profile

Marketing is the backbone of a company. Several ways of marketing are adopted for better sales and promotions of the product. With the advancement of telephone technology, it has turned out to be a goldmine for advertisers. Telemarketing executives are the people who use telephone as a medium of advertising. They make phone calls to customers and provide information regarding their products. Their job also entails booking orders, making appointment, updating customers on promotion offers and launch of new products and send further information to customers by means of emails, letters and fax. Excellent customer service ethics and communication skills are prerequisite for the job.

Telemarketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying potential customers by various means and placing calls
  • Explaining about the product and trying to convince the customer to book a package
  • Follow the script provided to them by the company
  • Being knowledgeable about various aspects of a product and answering all customer queries
  • Creating records for storing customer information
  • Gathering customer feedback through surveys and telephonic verbal questionnaires
  • Updating company database with information about latest customers
  • Ensure that more number of products are solved
  • Follow up with calls regarding new offers and promotions
  • Schedule meetings with customers whenever required
  • Maintain correspondence through letters, emails and fax

Telemarketing Education, Training and Qualifications

There is no specific requirement for education of a telemarketing executive. The only thing that potential employers look for is good inherent communication skills. However, having strong knowledge about sales and marketing can be very useful. Training is provided by the employer as per the requirements of the company.

Telemarketing Degrees, Courses & Certification

A basic graduation degree is sufficient for the job of a telemarketing executive. However, for good prospects of employment in the future, a bachelor’s degree in business administration is essential. Graduation in communications and arts can also help in finding employment in the telemarketing sector.

Telemarketing Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent customer service ethics
  • Ability to handle tough and troublesome clients with a cool head
  • Ability to work as a group and still perform individual tasks efficiently
  • Ability to perform with or without supervision
  • Excellent presence of mind and problem solving skills
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  • Should have a high level of adaptability
  • Ability to meet sales targets and deadlines

Telemarketing Salary/Wage

The salary of a telemarketing executive depends on the company. Telemarketing executives are also given bonuses and rewards for meeting or exceeding sales targets. Salaries range between $20,000 and $50,000 per annum with the national average being $33,000 per annum.

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Telecom Job Description

Telecom job description and profile

Increasing popularity of the mobile and telephones among the masses, makes telecom sector as a fast expanding sector nowadays. Survey says that, by 2014 the number of mobile connection will reach around 1000 million. Obviously, depending upon this huge growth of the telecom industry, wide range of telecom job will be available in near future. The variety of telecom job has the variation of its work, for example, Engineers jobs in various sectors of telecom industry, customer support jobs, system officer jobs, administrator jobs, manager job, accountant jobs, office staff jobs, and network planner job etc.

Telecom duties and responsibilities

  • Network engineers oversee the networking system, whereas, computer engineers maintain the software of telecommunication system.
  • Customer support officers have the responsibility to entertain the wide classes of queries of the consumers. They maintain track of the records of the customer details.
  • System officers look after the security sector and other important portions of the systems.
  • Managers have the responsibility to supervise the entire acts of a branch office.
  • Network planners have the duty on their shoulders to plan the networking system.
  • Accountants collect the bills of the consumers and generate the billing the receipts for the consumers. They have also the responsibility to maintain the accounts record.
  • Administrators have the reliability to monitor overall execution of the various branches.

Telecom education, training and qualifications

Graduation or master degree, even a diploma in related segment of the telecom industry is necessary for getting a job in this industry. For getting engineer jobs in telecom industry, the applicants need to have the degree or diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication, or Computer Science, or Electrical, or IT. On the other hand for manger or administration job, one should have the degree in business administration. For office staff jobs, one should have a diploma, whereas for accountants jobs the applicants must have the degree certificate in accountancy, or economics, or finance.

Telecom degrees, courses and certifications

B.Tech or M.Tech degrees needed for the engineers jobs, whereas BBA or MBA degree needed for the manager or administrator jobs. Bachelor degree certificate in accountancy program, or economics needed for accountant job. There are many institutes exist in USA, which are offering various certification and vocational diploma courses in Telecommunication engineering, and accountancy.

Telecom skills and specifications

  • Engineers should have well command over the software, telecommunication, and networking.
  • Accountants need to have well efficiency in mathematics for calculating huge sum quickly along with fair knowledge in finance.
  • Customer care officers should know data entry, and they should have good communication skill along with well behavior.

Telecom Job salary

Based on the rank along with experience the salary package in this industry varies. For administrators and the managers the package ranges approx. from $80,000 to $90,000 p.a. whereas, the packages of the engineers vary approx, from $40,000 to $60,000 p.a.

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Technician Job Description

Technician job description and profile

Today’s most of the rising industries have the base on the science and technology. Fast movement of this technology-oriented industry needs highly efficient technicians in huge quantities nowadays. Now the question is that why these industries need these technicians. The answer is also too simple. Most of these industries use wide types of electronics and other types of machines along with tools for their daily purposes. These tools are extremely efficient and very sensitive. They require proper caring attitude. For these purposes, these technicians have lot of technician job, available in wide type of industry. They are trained labor. Therefore, this job has the base on caring wide range of tools and machines.

Technician duties and responsibilities

  • They generate technical advice along with solution on happenings of engineering and electrical disorders during, after, or even before installation.
  • Measuring various apparatus using wide types of hand tools, they assemble various electronics and electrical systems and prototypes as per the engineering data and electrical principles.
  • They install and even take care of various electrical control systems.
  • They repair and test various apparatus and tracks the stats of wide range of troubleshoot, they have faced.
  • They assist the engineers to detect, define, and resolve developmental problems.
  • They have to write the commissioning procedure of electrical installation.
  • They interpret the results, they have got, along with analyze those problems for getting the way, how they can solve a specific mode of design related machinery problem.
  • They prepare the project expenditure with respect to the working time.
  • For assisting their supervisors, they make plans along with the schedules to monitor assistant officers.
  • They perform various supervising jobs like legally approving projects, accepting leaves of the employees, and evaluating performance.
  • They need to update over the recently launched technologies apparatus, their functionality, and their proper usage method.

Technician education, training and qualifications

No such formal education and qualification has the requirement for this job. Nevertheless, necessary training in the specific field is essential.

Technician degrees, courses and certifications

There is no requisite to undergo any conventional degrees for getting any technician job. Nevertheless, there are numerous technical schools across USA, offering many technical vocational and diploma courses, which are crucial for the technician job.

Technician skills and specifications

  • Should have hard working mentality and should be knowledgeable over the field, they are working in.
  • Ought to pose good behavior and well communication knowledge for communicating with the clients
  • Should have good and quickly learning capability

Technician Job salary

Technical persons have the packages from approx $100 to $150 per hour, depending on the fields and their experience along with the capability.

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Systems Accountant Job Description

Systems accountant job description and profile

The systems accountant job description entails reporting to the financial director or the chief financial officer of a company. The primary profile of this individual includes developing, implementing, and directly operating the financial functions of an organization. This includes working on financial software applications, such as CODA financial management, Hyperion, and Microsoft Excel. The focus of the systems accountant is to make available any financial information that is required within the organization. Reviewing, updating, and developing new systems to provide such requirements easily are the main responsibility of the systems accountant. The individual coordinates between the company’s management and the technical development department of the organization.

Systems accountant duties and responsibilities

  • Review, develop, test, and implement the information systems of the organization
  • Working with the business analyst to provide streamlined and best business practices
  • Report generation as required by the management
  • Investigating the causes of systems inadequacies
  • Maintain database for capturing and manipulating information
  • Collection of data, analyzing the information, and reporting to the management
  • Cost analysis to reduce expenses of the company
  • Maintaining and improving control procedures

Systems accountant education, training, and qualifications

The systems accountant must possess a bachelor’s degree in business or finance. In addition, qualifications providing advanced accounting and statistics knowledge are recommended. Awareness on the corporate financial analysis and budgeting processes is a pre-requisite. Additional degrees, such as a MBA with a finance specialization or economics are beneficial for the position of a systems accountant. Proficiency in mathematics and problem solving are important qualifications for the systems accountant job description. Advanced training in computer operations and financial software are required by employers.

Systems accountant degrees, courses, and certification

A graduate or bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting is necessary. Additional digress providing specialization in finance, business, and/or economics are added benefits. Some of the industries require the systems accountants to possess certification from ACA, ACCA, or CIMA. Additional certifications, such as Certified in Financial Management provide training that is similar to the CMA studies and is sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants. The CFM is an additional certification that ensures the individual’s financial expertise and understanding.

Systems accountant skills and specifications

  • Excellent mathematical and statistical capabilities
  • Ability to work on complex financial models and software applications
  • Thorough understanding of the corporate financial analysis
  • Updated knowledge about the economy, taxation guidelines, and money markets

Systems accountant salary

The national average salary earned by the systems accountant in the United States is $87,610 per annum.

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Student Job Description

Student job description and profile

Due to this super fast day-to-day life, it has become up-most important for every student to contribute a bit into the family income. Thus, the student job has now become an essential asset of our world. Theses sorts of student jobs eventually ranges from internet related job activities, retailing related job, part time sales related job, marketing related job, part time customer care job, part time home based job, and some data entry part time  related job. Student Job can be of hourly based, project based, along with flexible hour based, and evening based. This wide type of student job has several categories, some of these are student worker job, student services job, student counselor job, student aide job, student advisor job etc.

Student Job duties and responsibilities

  • In many universities, bright students at postgraduate level or doctorate level assist senior professors in research cases.
  • Lab assistant students assist the faculties in the chemistry for wide types of laboratory works.
  • Students can have also the job as a office assistants. They can assist in wide range of works, like receiving calls, keeping the records of mails, doing data entry, and other documentary works to loan, admission, scholarship etc.
  • Students have the jobs as assistant librarian. They assist in book storing, record filling, cataloging processes.
  • They can also operate as assistants in graphic designing team for designing brochures and generating portfolios etc.
  • Students can have the job at cafeteria, or at campus shops for billing, shopping, and for servicing.
  • They can also have the assistant jobs in publication and public relation departments.

Student Job education, training and qualifications

Students do not need any necessary educational qualification for getting student jobs as these are student jobs. Students only need permission from their respective departments for job work. Prior working experience to similar kinds of jobs can help them a lot in getting these jobs. Nevertheless, if the applicants do not have experience, then also they can get the jobs.

Student Job degrees, courses and certifications

No such specific degrees, courses, and certifications required for these kinds of jobs.

Student Job skills and specifications

  • Need to pose the ability to balance the studies along with the job work
  • Hard working
  • Need to pose the ability to handle lot of pressure, as these jobs often are so much stressful

Student Job salary

The salary package of the student jobs varies from different jobs depending upon the features of the job, and desirable skill set for the job. However, the assistant student research workers get highest package. The salary package ranges approx from $50-$200 per hour in average.

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Stock Analyst Job Description

Stock analyst job description and profile

The primary stock analyst job description includes exploring and evaluating various stock markets and its trends to identify securities that provide high yield. These analysts research and examine the financial information about various stocks and companies to advise companies on the most profitable ways to invest their investible funds. The stock analyst provide companies to park their investible surplus in profitable stocks to earn a higher rate of return instead of idle cash balances in the bank that do not provide high returns. These analysts are considered as the most important source of information related to the stock market. The stock analyst studies the financial results of a company, its market price, and other factors that affect its stock price. This information is used to predict the future price trend and advising clients on whether to invest or not.

Stock analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Analyzing the financial information on company stocks
  • Studying the stock market trends
  • Forecasting the future trends in stocks and the stock markets
  • Advising clients on stocks that will provide high returns
  • Meeting financial planning managers
  • Coordinate with stock brokers

Stock analyst education, training, and qualifications

A stock analyst must possess a university degree with a focus on economics, finance, accounting, law, statistics, or mathematics. Additional qualification in financial management and/or business administration is preferable. Several employers hire candidates who complete a post-graduate degree, such as a Masters in Business Administration as stock analysts. Relevant work experience in an investment firm, brokerage house, or financial management company is preferred. Training in financial statement analysis and investment management is an added advantage.

Stock analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The minimum degree required to qualify as a stock analyst is a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or any other related field. To further succeed in the stock analyst job description, individuals may consider additional courses that impart financial management and/or business administration skills. Courses that focus on mathematical and statistical analysis are beneficial for this position. Individuals may choose to pursue a MBA in finance for further understanding of the sector. Completing short-term stock market technical and fundamental analysis courses is also preferable for qualifying as a stock analyst.

Stock analyst skills and specifications

  • In-depth knowledge on financial analysis
  • Computational accuracy using mathematical and statistical tools
  • Quick decision making capabilities
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Interpersonal skills

Stock analyst salary

The stock analyst earns between $56,647 and $95,458 per year with the average earnings of $68,541 per annum.

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Sales Job Descriptions

Sales job description and profile

A business firm operates on the base of the sales department. It is a highly creative minded job and the profit and loss of the firm directly depends upon the sales personnel of the org. One has to be sufficient communication skill along with the capability of taking high responsibility. There are several types of selling system, like selling through telephone, visiting customers physically, or even via internet. Selling does not involve only material products, but products like Heath Care Insurance, Software, Service Providing systems and anything, which a company provides.

Sale duties and responsibilities

  • The main job is selling the product of the company.
  • The second responsibility of the sales person is monitoring the needs of the customers.
  • The third responsibility is to communicate regularly with the customer.
  • The sales personnel have to listen carefully entire complains of customers and then to forward the serious issues to the company. Otherwise, ought to solve them so it does not decrease the customer’s faith against the company.
  • The functionalities of a sales person are to follow-up regularly for the due payments, along with the next orders. Additionally, he has to keep in notice that both the payment and order cleared timely.

Sales job education, training, and qualifications

In fact, the Sales Job should not have any strict qualification benchmarking, as this is mainly an inbuilt quality of a person make a person agree by convincing who was not agree. Nevertheless, as finding such quality may be stiff and may lead to misjudgment, the companies set some educational benchmarking like Bachelor or Master of Business Administration. The qualification may relate to the products of the company, because computer illiterate person will be unable to sale software to anyone. Nevertheless, most of the companies like the persons those who have any experience in this sales field, including a degree.

Sales job degrees, courses, and certifications

The main degree regarding the Sales Job is Bachelor of Business Administration may be Master of Business Administration.

Sales job skills and specifications

  • Communication skill
  • Hard working
  • Pressure handling
  • Mentality for target oriented job
  • Serious and capable of taking responsibilities

Sales job salary

In fact, the salary in sales job is simply sky is the limit. However, when the question comes to figuring out, we can say a range of $20,000 to $80,000, for various kinds of the companies, along with good incentives and bonus according to the employee.

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Social Services Job Description

Social Services job description and profile

The Social Services job incorporates the extra responsibility of guiding every common people in crisis period. Naturally, organizations hire quite a large no of social workers for various sectors like public welfare agencies, private social service agencies, schools, hospitals, along with clinics, recreation and rehabilitation centers. In addition, many workers also operate in juvenile courts or even work as teachers or researchers.

Social Services job duties and responsibilities

  • The social workers guide as well as counsel common people in critical situation
  • Help little kids along with aged people those have none to care them
  • Assist clients to get numerous Govt. funds, education loans along with different other sorts of treatment
  • Also helps clients in various family and relationship management issues
  • May also assists people in various major diseases

Social Services job education, training and qualifications

The minimum educational is a bachelor degree (BSW). In addition, a social worker can be some other graduates like in psychology, or sociology, and related areas for getting an entry. The Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) is also highly rated for handling numerous job responsibilities.

Social Services job degrees, courses and certifications

The 3-years bachelor’s degree from some renowned universities is the mandatory requirement. The master degree actually is highly preferred. Here is no such short-time certification program available.

Social Services job skills and specifications

  • In school, social workers guide and assist to uplift social and psychological functionalities of entire families
  • In medicine center, the support staffs provides mental supports towards those people who’re suffering from some chronicle major diseases
  • The social workers also assist those people who have mental block or illness
  • They include meditation and group therapy also
  • Crisis intervention and social rehabilitation are some other major duties that social workers ought to keep also
  • Social workers also work for planning and policy making deeds

Social Services job salary

The earning of a social service holder always varies based on the related area of specialization. We can roughly estimate some median annual salaries of some social services job. In 2009, recent stats reveal that a family server along with school social service holder’s salary ranges in between $36,000 to $42,000 per annum. In medicine along side public health sector, a worker draws wages about $45,000 annually. A mental health along with substance abusing social workers salary touches about $36,000 per annum.

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Senior Financial Analyst Job Description

Senior financial analyst job description and profile

The senior financial analyst job description includes interpreting information and discovering trends within the data. Generally, a senior financial analyst focuses and specializes in a specific asset class, such as equities or fixed income. These finance professionals are employed by institutional investment banks or within an independent research firm. Several investors make investment decisions based on the recommendations provided by the senior financial analysts. These analysts study the financial information to offer investment recommendations to investors. Financial analysis is undertaken by collecting the information, analyzing it with statistical methods, and reporting their recommendations to their supervisors or investors.

Senior financial analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Collecting data
  • Studying and analyzing financial information
  • Preparing a report on their findings
  • Making investment recommendations to investors
  • Analyzing and studying a specific investment asset class, such as fixed income securities or equities

Senior financial analyst education, training, and qualifications

The senior financial analyst must possess a college degree with a focus on business administration. Additional qualifications that offer skills in law, finance, economics, mathematics, accounts, and statistics are beneficial to qualify for better job opportunities. Individuals aspiring to become successful senior financial analysts must consider completing a Master in Business Administration degree. Possessing relevant work experience with brokerage houses, banks, and corporations provides an added benefit to individuals aspiring to become successful senior financial analysts.

Senior financial analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The senior financial analyst job description requires individuals to possess a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in business administration. Most employers give preference to individuals who have completed courses focused on law, economics, statistics, accounts, mathematics, and finance as senior financial analyst. Moreover, completing a MBA is preferable to procure an excellent opportunity in a reputed organization. The senior financial analyst needs to work on complex financial and statistical models. Therefore, courses that provide such skills are recommended.

Senior financial analyst skills and specifications

  • In-depth knowledge of financial statements
  • Ability to work on complex financial models
  • Statistical and analytical capabilities
  • Ability to analyze information and make investment recommendations
  • Providing reports for senior management for decision-making
  • An eye for details
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Capable of meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communication capabilities

Senior financial analyst salary

The average annual salary earned by a senior financial analyst is $53,384 with the lowest earning at $40,166 per year and highest paid being $73,590 per annum.

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Senior Accountant Job Description

Senior accountant job description and profile

The senior accountant job description includes providing financial information in various organizations in the mid to large sector. The senior accountant is responsible for the general accounting functioning of the organizations. In addition, he or she conducts budget analysis for auditing. Preparing and planning the financial budget is a primary part of the senior accountant’s profile. The senior accountant needs to interact with several individuals at various levels in all the departments of the organization. Individuals in such positions must be aware of all the rules and regulations related to financial accounting, taxation, and auditing. The senior accountant reports the financial information of the organization to the management.

Senior accountant duties and responsibilities

  • Preparing the financial accounts
  • Monthly closure of accounts
  • Correct reporting of revenues
  • Assisting with tax auditing
  • Preparing the tax returns
  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Hiring, orientation, and training of new recruits
  • Mentoring junior staff members
  • Disciplinary actions as required

Senior accountant education, training, and qualifications

The senior accountant must hold a bachelor’s degree in accounting from an accredited institute. In addition, holding a master’s degree specializing in accounts is recommended for lucrative opportunities in mid-sized and large companies. A majority of organizations require the senior accountant to have four to six of years of prior relevant work experience. The senior accountant job description requires the individual to have strong knowledge on the various accounting, taxation, and auditing procedures are mandatory.

Senior accountant degrees, courses, and certification

An accounting bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is the basic qualification necessary to succeed as a senior accountant. With a Master’s in Business Administration degree and four to six years of account-related experience, individuals can procure excellent opportunities in large companies. Courses related to accounting procedures, tax returns compliance, communication ability, and multi-tasking are recommended. Certification courses in in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, accounting software, such as Great Plains or QuickBooks are an added advantage.

Senior accountant skills and responsibilities

  • Strong accounting and mathematical abilities
  • Knowledge on accounting, taxation, and auditing procedures
  • Detailed working of Microsoft Office with a primary focus on Microsoft Excel
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to mentor junior personnel
  • Capable of finding effective and efficient solutions to problems

Senior accountant salary

The average salary drawn by a senior accountant with up to five years of work experience is between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. For individuals with over five years of experience earn between $45,000 and $70,000 per annum.

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Security Job Description

Security Job description and profile

Any business organization, which has their own computer network system, has too many high value data in the computers. Any missing or theft of data may ruin the base of the company. Therefore, where there is a computer network, there should be a Security. Sometimes, some security software is enough to maintain the data safety, but not for all the organization, it is applicable. Some network system has to be accessible for many persons. Therefore, in such organizations software based security is not appropriate. Here is the value of security personnel. They provide the network security in all sense keeping the authority and ability of changing or taking any kind of decision any time. His power of taking any decision is very high and important for the organization.

Security Job duties and responsibilities

  • The main job in this sector is providing security to the network.
  • Should handle entire computers of the organization in the network with full responsibilities
  • Ought to keep all the users of the organizations of the computers keenly aware about all the changes of the security system and policies
  • The security specialist will install or remove antivirus software or any other software basis on the needs of the organization in his own responsibility.
  • He will repair or fix all the security related problems himself.
  • He will follow the activities of the hackers continuously if any to keep the data safe.
  • He can modify any computer access method anytime, which contains sensitive data inside.

Security Job education, training, and qualifications

As the Security Job has a high value in an organization, the education or the training should be highly compatible with the job. After the general diploma, the candidate must have to undergo a degree course in the computer networking, information technology or computer science. The syllabus must cover the system of networking in details having lessons of the systems of the router or modem. One ought to know the installation and configuration of an anti virus program. Also ought to know the operation of almost all major operating systems.

Security job degrees, courses, and certifications

The degree for the Security Job is completing Bachelor’s in the computer networking or computer science or information technology.

Security job skills and specifications

  • High knowledge about networking, router and modem
  • Handling pressure
  • Capable for taking high responsibility
  • Well aware of the loopholes of AV programs

Sales job salary

As the job needs a high responsibility along with in depth knowledge of this stream, the salary package the companies offer is very high. Generally, the salary of this job is around $60,000 to $80,000. The salary differs from company to company.

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Retail Job Description

Retail job description and profile

In the present period retail stores is quite a standard topic of talking to the people. This is store having products and goods in high quantity. In the retail job, the total identifying with the products of the company is very much essential. There are many types of retail job in the world. These are Retail Executives, Retail Manager Job, Retail Sales Job, Retail Merchandise Job etc.

Retail Job duties and responsibilities

  • The most important duty of executives is to coordinate and look after those processes having carried out.
  • The sales workers should look after the goods along with the customer’s management.
  • The marketer’s duty is to make a list of pricing of goods along side the present rates of the competitive products in a well-organized way.
  • The marketers of this work should gather information about the inventories of their store, main items. They should pose the capability of making new and interesting strategies in any situation.
  • Managers have the duties of realizing the bonding with the franchise in maintaining the standard of all products.
  • The retail Merchandise must have an excellent type of understanding with all the customers of the store.
  • Workers must behave very gently with every customer in the retail store.

Retail Job education, training, and qualifications

This job not asks for any type of formal training or any type of formal education. They need only a simple diploma of a high school level. In case of retail manager, at least a bachelor degree is essential. Beside this, it asks for a good knowledge in marketing field. Having depended on the size of any company, there may be required any specialization of marketing. Retail marketers get the preference with having a two years degree from any recognized university. Any type formal high qualification is not essential but a good communication talent is very much essential

Retail Job degrees, courses, and certifications

Bachelor degree in the sector of marketing is preferable for this type of job. The manager should have a bachelor degree from any recognized university. However not all of those are essential for job executives.

Retail Job skills and specifications

  • The entire applicant must be well behaved with people
  • They should aware about the present market.
  • They must facade hard working capability.
  • Must have elevated scale of patience

Retail Job salary

The median salary package ranges of the retail marketers are as $85K per annum as per Bureau of Labor. This may vary upon the size and variation of their work. However, any individual marketers cannot expect this amount at start of the career.

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Reporting Analyst Job Description

Reporting analyst job description and profile

The primary reporting analyst job description includes developing systems and standards for preparation of business reports. The analysts are required to understand the requirements and problems of an organization. He/she then develops appropriate policies and procedures for generating reports. In addition, the reporting analyst trains the other personnel within the organization to work on the systems. He/she guides the employees on preparing the reports and utilizing these efficiently. The reporting analyst develops systems that are beneficial for the smooth functioning of the organization and enables secure information recording and production of relevant reports to improve the overall efficiency of the company.

Reporting analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Analyzing the needs and problems within the company
  • Developing and implementing policies and procedures
  • Developing and implementing various reports to alleviate the problems and improve the business operations
  • Training other staff members on using the systems, generating reports, and using the reports to improve their efficiency
  • Creating and maintaining secure systems for data collection

Reporting analyst education, training, and qualifications

The reporting analyst must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a business field, such as economics, accounting, or finance. In addition, the individuals must possess qualifications in computer database management, software development, or programming skills. Several colleges provide internships focusing on these skills and it is recommended to choose such courses for an added benefit. Moreover, completing a master’s degree, such as Masters in Business Administration is beneficial to succeed as a reporting analyst.

Reporting analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The reporting analyst job description requires a bachelor’s degree as the minimum educational qualification. Additional degree, such as a MBA provides a competitive edge to candidates. Courses that offer software development and programming knowledge are beneficial to succeed as a reporting analyst. Moreover, candidates possessing certification in communication and troubleshooting courses are preferred. Pursuing internships along with college education or part-time work experience is advantageous while being hired for this position.

Reporting analyst skills and specifications

  • Excellent business and computer skills
  • Ability to identify and rectify problems
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Computer programming and software development capabilities
  • Awareness on various aspects of business, such as accounting, economics, and finance
  • Ability to manage database systems
  • Customizing report generation for improve business operations efficiency

Reporting analyst salary

The lowest annual salary earned by a reporting analyst is $47,414 and the highest annual salary is $95,010. However, most analysts earn $65,471 per year.

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Real Estate Analyst Job Description

Real estate analyst job description and profile

The real estate analyst job description includes tracking the sector and forecasting the trends within the industry. The analyst is responsible for collecting the required information and analyzing the trends. The information provided by the real estate analysts is used by investors to make their investment decisions. In addition, the analysts prepare various reports determined by several factors, such as the type of properties, occupancy rates, price, lease rates, and location. The real estate analyst undertakes the market analysis of the upcoming development projects that assist individuals and other investors to make their decisions. The analyst must be able to analyze the various information sources to make an intelligent analysis of the market.

Real estate analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Collecting information from various sources
  • Analyzing the data collected
  • Providing an opinion based on their findings
  • Keeping abreast of the market trends
  • Preparing reports based on various factors, such as price, type, and location of the property
  • Providing information on upcoming development projects
  • Assisting in the project development
  • Preparing any special reports as and when the needs arises

Real estate analyst education, training, and qualifications

The real estate analyst must possess a four-year bachelor’s degree in real estate, statistics, finance, or accounting. Training as an intern or a part-time employee with a relevant company during college will provide an advantage over other candidates. Additional qualifications in AutoCAD or other designing software program is beneficial to succeed in the real estate analyst job description. Acquiring training in negotiations, transactions, and approvals is beneficial to secure a better job opportunity. In addition, some individuals may choose to complete a master’s degree in a related field for better prospects.

Real estate analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The minimum degree that an individual must hold to work as a real estate analyst is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. Additionally, completing a master’s degree in real estate, accounts, or finance provides an edge over other candidates. Procuring a Certified Commercial Investment Member from the CCIM institute increases your prospects in this field. Continued education to keep abreast of the modifications in the governing rules and regulations is important for a real estate analyst.

Real estate analyst skills and specifications

  • In-depth knowledge on the real estate market
  • Analytical ability
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other Office programs
  • Knowledge on AutoCAD or other designing application
  • Awareness on the various rules and regulations guiding the industry

Real estate analyst salary

The average annual salary earned by a real estate analyst is $58,808 per year.

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Pharmaceutical Job Description

Pharmaceutical Job Description and Profile:

The primary responsibility of this role is to distribute prescription medication to patients, although compounding medications, which is mixing of different ingredients to make a drug, may also be required every once in a while. The person in this role must also advise their customers regarding the drugs that have been prescribed to them, such as dosages, interaction with other drugs, potential side effects and any other query that the patient may have. Researching new drugs, their effects on the human body, possible interactions with other drugs, etc., is also part of this role. Regular stock taking and refilling of medicines and drugs in the pharmacy is a responsibility.

Pharmaceutical Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Verify the incoming prescriptions and refill requests
  • Supply patients with correct medication as per prescription
  • Advise patient on drug intake, dosage, possible allergies, side effects, etc.
  • Generate correct bills for medication and file for future reference
  • Ensure upkeep of the pharmacy, keep stock updated, remove expired stock
  • Stick to budgets set for the pharmacy
  • Set up a process to ensure all staff are on the same page

Pharmaceutical Education, Training and Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from either an accredited college or school of pharmacy is a pre requisite. A Masters degree in business administration or public health and administration is desirable. Pharmacy license from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education is a must. Must have completed the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam or the NAPLEX.

Pharmaceutical Degrees, Courses & Certification:

A four year bachelor’s degree course in pharmacy from an accredited college or school of pharmacy is a must. A two year Masters degree in public health and administration or business administration would be a plus. Pharmacy License for the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education is a must. Should have completed the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam or the NAPLEX. Any additional exams passed like the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam will be an added advantage. Membership in various pharmaceutical associations and regular upgrading of knowledge through courses will be considered as a plus point.

Pharmaceutical Skills and Specifications:

  • A broad awareness of medical terms and the etymology of medical substances
  • Highly disciplined and methodical, close to zero percent error in supplying prescribed medications as possible
  • Very good communication skills, must carefully follow prescription instructions
  • A team worker, a good manager
  • Efficient, organized, prudent
  • Mathematical ability
  • Proficient in the use of software tools

Pharmaceutical Salary/Wage:

The salary for this position ranges from $139,000 to $159,000 with a median range of $149,000.

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