Social Services Job Description

Social Services job description and profile

The Social Services job incorporates the extra responsibility of guiding every common people in crisis period. Naturally, organizations hire quite a large no of social workers for various sectors like public welfare agencies, private social service agencies, schools, hospitals, along with clinics, recreation and rehabilitation centers. In addition, many workers also operate in juvenile courts or even work as teachers or researchers.

Social Services job duties and responsibilities

  • The social workers guide as well as counsel common people in critical situation
  • Help little kids along with aged people those have none to care them
  • Assist clients to get numerous Govt. funds, education loans along with different other sorts of treatment
  • Also helps clients in various family and relationship management issues
  • May also assists people in various major diseases

Social Services job education, training and qualifications

The minimum educational is a bachelor degree (BSW). In addition, a social worker can be some other graduates like in psychology, or sociology, and related areas for getting an entry. The Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) is also highly rated for handling numerous job responsibilities.

Social Services job degrees, courses and certifications

The 3-years bachelor’s degree from some renowned universities is the mandatory requirement. The master degree actually is highly preferred. Here is no such short-time certification program available.

Social Services job skills and specifications

  • In school, social workers guide and assist to uplift social and psychological functionalities of entire families
  • In medicine center, the support staffs provides mental supports towards those people who’re suffering from some chronicle major diseases
  • The social workers also assist those people who have mental block or illness
  • They include meditation and group therapy also
  • Crisis intervention and social rehabilitation are some other major duties that social workers ought to keep also
  • Social workers also work for planning and policy making deeds

Social Services job salary

The earning of a social service holder always varies based on the related area of specialization. We can roughly estimate some median annual salaries of some social services job. In 2009, recent stats reveal that a family server along with school social service holder’s salary ranges in between $36,000 to $42,000 per annum. In medicine along side public health sector, a worker draws wages about $45,000 annually. A mental health along with substance abusing social workers salary touches about $36,000 per annum.

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Social Work Job Description

Social Work Job Description And Profile

Social service people are responsible to solve their issues and cope up with their problems which are related to their family, children or spouse, other domestic conflicts and abuse or any kind of personal or professional problems. They help people facing various kind of issues such as disability, unemployment etc. They provide help to people in gaining their confidence and fighting the various injustices around them. They work according to the framework of the legislation and procedures to help the people. They undertake various tasks such as task of conducting talks with the users and their relatives, offer counseling in various situations, offer support services, recommend and suggest various options, make the various decisions for them, maintain records of the legal proceedings, prepare reports, search and collect the evidence to present in courts. The daily tasks of a social worker include analysis of the complete situation of an individual, providing them with regular counseling and maintaining the regular records of the same.

Social Work Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Listen to individual problem and work on it by finding a solution
  • Provide advice to the people in various fields
  • Provide drug, abuse, alcohol rehabilitation to the people
  • Provide sessions to resolve conflicts
  • Provide them with legal proceedings in case of abuse
  • Helping people to get through the domestic violence
  • Provide tips to solve problems and make good decisions
  • Maintaining the evidences to present in the court
  • Maintaining a daily report and log

Social Work Job Education, Training And Qualifications

The aspirants must hold an honor’s or postgraduate degree in psychology, social work. A background in psychology is required as the job involves behavior, emotions and mind therapies. Several universities and colleges offer degree in social work. All aspiring social workers should be certified. A lot of patience is required to listen to various confessions.

Social Work Job Degrees, Courses And Certifications

Initial certification and non-degree program is offered by the general social care council. Students applying must hold a postgraduate degree in social work before applying. Most courses in this field are of 3 years. Part time and distance learning courses are also available under various universities.

Social Work Job Skills And Specifications

  • Strong communication and writing skills
  • Good listeners
  • Ability to understand the problems of the people and provide them the required solutions
  • Must be patient and calm
  • Must hold the ability to relate to people
  • Must be practical and flexible
  • Must have patience
  • Must be non-judgemental
  • Must have ability to work in a team
  • Good adviser

Social Work Job Salary

Salary ranges between $45,542 and $76,546, with the average salary being $46,876 per annum.

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