Chief Administrative Officer Job Description

Chief administrative officer job description and profile

The chief administrative officer is in charge of all aspects of the company’s operations. The individual reports directly to the chief executive officer and is responsible for several functions based on the type and size of the organization. The chief administrative officer job description supports various functions within an organization, such as data communication, human resources, office services, security, insurance, and other administrative functions. The chief administrative officer is required to understand the organization’s policies and objectives, and work towards achieving these. To ensure that the organizational objectives are met, he or she delegates, organizes, and develops and implements new strategies in line with the goals.

Chief administrative officer duties and responsibilities

  • Planning, developing, and implementing strategic decisions to meet organizational objectives
  • Working together with the Chief Operating and Chief Executive to make the business successful
  • Providing general legal advice
  • Supporting and assisting the organizational functions for smooth functioning of the company
  • Leading the company’s strategic management plan
  • Implementing working procedures and performance standards within the company

Chief administrative officer education, training, and qualifications

The chief administrative officer is required to possess a bachelor’s degree with a focus on administration, finance, communication, or business. In addition, most of the larger companies prefer to hire an individual holding a master’s degree as their chief administrative officer. An important factor that is considered by almost all the companies is the relevant experience and expertise of the person. Additional qualifications that provide strategizing, planning, coordinating, and decision-making capabilities are recommended.

Chief administrative officer degrees, courses, and certification

A bachelor’s degree is the minimum educational qualification required to be hired as a chief administrative officer. Additional master’s degree focusing on business administration, accounting, or finance is recommended. The chief administrative officer job description includes responsibility for various organizational functions. Therefore, procuring the required degree and experience that provides training in managing the various aspects of an organization are preferred. Coordination, delegation, and supervision are important aspects of this profile. Individuals are recommended to complete certification in courses that impart such training.

Chief administrative officer skills and specifications

  • Excellent verbal, oral, and presentation skills
  • Ability to delegate work responsibly
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to train, guide, and supervise various employees within the organization
  • Problem solving and strategizing capabilities
  • Confident, organized, and self-motivation to ensure that company objectives are achieved

Chief administrative officer salary

The salary earned by chief administrative officers ranges from $188,454 to $855,254 based on the size and type of organization. The average earned by a CAO is $276,802 per annum.

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