Computer Software Engineer Job Description

Computer Software Engineer Job Description and Profile

A computer software engineer is a professional holding skill in the area of designing and creations of various software. Computer software engineer designs and develops a wide spectrum of software’s. Computer games, business and mobile applications, operating and application systems, network systems and middleware are some of the applications developed. They must hold the expertise in various areas such as theory of computing, structure and functioning of the software, limitations of hardware and the hardware’s nature. They are required to explain the software specifications and functions to the programmers and the various technical details to the non-technical managers.

Computer Software Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gather the requirements and the basic software functioning from the client and analyze the feasibility of the software being developed keeping in mind the time and cost constraints
  • Work on the existing software’s to check for loopholes and errors and to eliminate them for improved performance
  • Consult with the clients to comprehend the various design requirements
  • Use many scientific and mathematical techniques get the best feasible design
  • Develop the various software testing and validation constraints and documentation for the software
  • Analyze the various information available determine computer specifications and layouts

Computer Software Engineer Education, Training and Qualifications

For the position of computer software engineer most of the employer prefer applicants with a vast knowledge and experience in the various computer systems. The various college majors for the applicants include fields as computer science, software engineering, information technology. Graduate degrees are preferred for most of the jobs in this field. Mostly a bachelor’s degree is required but for some positions a 2 year course or certification would be adequate.

Computer Software Engineer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

The four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution is the basic requirement. Many certification courses are available to enhance the knowledge and skills of the software engineers specializing in the various products such as Microsoft, Novell and Oracle. A wide variety of other certifications are also available to computer software engineers which includes the certifications for the Linux products, programming languages, computer networking etc.

Computer Software Engineer Skills and Specifications

  • strong communication skills
  • required to know the basic business functions
  • should have an understanding of  the design methodology
  • should know how to work in a team

Computer Software Engineer Salary

Salary ranges between $67,130 and $102,820, with national median salary being $84,410 per annum.

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