Construction Job Description

Construction Job Description and Profile

The Construction Industry has its base on constructing buildings and structures, used by the people in the society. These jobs include some science and technology based jobs, some management and logistics based jobs, and some are manual labor and equipment operation based. Some of these varieties of jobs are MWD field Engineer Job, MWD Operator Job, Owner Representative Job, Architect Job, Construction Equipment Operator Job, Construction Laborer Job, Construction Management Job, Construction, Structures, Electrical Inspection Job, Plumber Job, Roofer Job, Cement Mason and Concrete Finishing Job, and Carpenter Job etc.

Construction Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • MWD engineers have the reliability of managing, utilizing, educating, and terminating staffs based on requisites of the processes.
  • They also oversee lots of other issues like the necessary safety restrictions, site appointments daily etc.
  • They also look after of the issues like negotiation, authorization, and grant all the contracting and subcontracting legal agreements.
  • The duty of a MWD operator includes ensuring whether all the necessary apparatus of drilling are readily available in the site by communicating with the directional driller and supervisor.
  • They also check the safety and working condition of those tools. Thus, they have to show how to oversee the overall MWD process interpreting MWD data.
  • They should be cautious over completion and submission of entire necessary paper works regarding the progress and safety issue of the ongoing MWD process along with they need to update with the new techniques of MWD process.
  • Owner Representatives, as the name suggests, are the representatives of the project owner, present at the site for supervising overall issues of construction and designing of an industry. They usually originate solutions for the aroused small-scale problems, whereas for the major problems they provide solutions after consulting with the project owner.
  • They assist owners in many cases like land acquisition, cost control, and budget making etc.
  • They guide their owners over how to increase revenue reducing the expenditures, and attract the buyers or purchasing agents solving all sorts of their clients’ related queries.

Construction Job education, training, qualification

For being a MWD engineer a candidate ought to be at least a 4-year degree holder in construction or material science or any other stream related to this. On the other hand, MWD operators ought to pose a high school diploma. For establishing the job career as owner representative one should have at least a high school GED, whereas the bachelor or master degree holders in finance, management, or communication can quickly acquire high position.

Construction Job degrees, courses, and certification

Usually bachelor degree holders in material science, or construction or finance or management get the preferences in this field. Nevertheless, job experience always matters. MWD operators are better to have a certificate on petroleum. There are various institutions in USA, which offer diplomas and certifications in petroleum.

Construction Job skills and specifications

  • Should pose good communication skill, and knowledge about various aspects of construction
  • They need to have hard working, and pressure taking capabilities

Construction Job salary

Depending upon the duties of construction job the package varies from job to job. Obviously, industrial exposure can help to grab much powerful construction job packages. It ranges approx. $1, 00, 000 to $1, 20, 000 p.a. in average.

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