Customer Service Job Description

Customer Service Job Description and profile

Customer service is an integral phase of every business community with their fast progress. Mostly finance, and insurance companies and some of the retail, governmental, utility and catalog firms have this customer service unit as the essential part of their business. Numerous customer service jobs include Customer Service Associate job, Customer Service Lead job, Customer Service Agent job etc.

Customer Service Duties and Responsibilities

  • The main functionality of a customer service officer is to build good business relationship between the Vendors and end firm by entertaining all the queries of the clients professionally.
  • They have to track all the stats of the conversations between the clients and them.
  • They have to arrange these records in a priority list.
  • They have the duties to maintain the databases of their clients’ information.
  • They have to maintain the call logging along with the report generating processes.

Customer Service education, training, and qualification

The customer service job does not need to have any mandatory educational qualification, but at least they should be High School Graduate. They naturally gets trained after getting the job in a firm according to their requirements like paraphrasing, empathy; call control, though pre-trained candidates get the preferences. Moreover, candidates, having proficiency in Spanish language as the second language, get high level of preferences.

Customer Service degrees, courses, and certification

No such conventional degrees needed for the customer service job. Nevertheless, the applicants should have at least the high school graduation degree along with the good communication skill and basic computer knowledge. For these purpose a candidate, willing to obtain jobs in this sector, can prepare him or her doing short-term computer courses. There are numerous training schools, offer varieties of certification courses, exist all over the USA. Even there are many institutes having the offers to train people for getting customer service related jobs across the USA.

Customer Service Job skills and specifications

  • Should have good communication skill; both the verbal and the writing.
  • Should have fair knowledge over the basic applications of the computers like MS Word, Excel, Access, etc
  • Need to know email handling, chatting, attend phone calls in call center environment professionally.
  • Need to have reading comprehension and situational judgment skill.
  • Hard working and have the mentality of working under huge pressure.
  • Cool headed and patient, as they may need to handle the customers with their anger and frustration.
  • Should have measured behavior

Customer Service Job salary

Agents get the package of around $13.96 per hour, whereas the average package of Supervisors is $50,000. Top-level mangers’ package ranges approx from $70,000 to $1, 10,000.

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