Cyber Cafe Attendant Job Description

Cyber Cafe Attendant Job Description and Profile

A cyber café is a place where one can access internet at certain fee. The fee depends on the per hour usage of the internet connection. With the advancement of the technology and internet the cyber café business is gaining pace. And hence with the increase in the cybercafé the demand for cyber café attendants is increasing. This is a job for those holding interest in working with computers. You must have a deep knowledge regarding the computer software.

Cyber Cafe Attendant Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist customers with trouble or questions regarding the usage of computer software used
  • Providing services like printing, downloading etc to the customers
  • Primary knowledge in the field of computer maintenance and software installation is required
  • Possess the knowledge of latest online trends
  • Must assist the customers in case of any trouble
  • Keep the computer programs, hardware and software up to date
  • Provide customer care services
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the place
  • Keep records of logs and inventories
  • Keep a record of the time for which the customer is using the internet services

Cyber Cafe Attendant Education, Training and Qualifications

There is no degree specified for this field. But one must hold the basic knowledge of computers while working as a Cyber Cafe Assistant. Various vocations courses in the field of computers are available. The courses may range from three months to two years depending on the type of curriculum one is interested in. A degree in the field of information technology is a plus point.

Cyber Café Attendant Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Courses in the field of computers can be of great help. Many accredited institutions run vocational training programs in the field of hardware and software. A large number of online courses are also available. Certification in this field is not a prime requirement. A degree or certification in the field of Information Technology is an advantage.

Management Information Analyst Skills and Specifications

  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to understand the problems at hand and provide troubleshooting solutions
  • Good interpersonal relations
  • A very keen eye for detail
  • Ability to work without supervision
  • High level of precision and ability to work meticulously
  • Knowledge of the going online trends
  • Ability to assist
  • Ability to maintain the log
  • Basic computer hardware and software skills

Cyber Cafe Assistant Salary

The salary in this field is not set and varies from employer to employer. Experience of the applicant also is an important factor in determination of one’s salary.

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