HR Administrative Assistant Job Description

HR administrative assistant job description and profile

The HR administrative assistant job description supports the management by performing a large number of tasks relating to the human resources of the organization. The assistants are responsible for handling sensitive information related to the employees and company. All employee related information, such as names, addresses, earnings, and other details are maintained by the assistant. The job profile of the HR administrative assistant is providing administrative and general secretarial assistance to the human resource head. An important part of their profile includes directly supporting the top executives in scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, and processing reports.

HR administrative assistant duties and responsibilities

  • Welcoming the potential candidates
  • Editing documents and presentations
  • Maintaining updated employee related information
  • Managing benefits and salary packages
  • Termination paper preparations
  • Creating forms, templates, and other related documentation
  • Explaining policies and procedures to new recruits
  • Posting job opportunities, reviewing resumes, calling potential candidates, and scheduling interviews

HR administrative assistant education, courses, and qualifications

Smaller organizations require the individual to hold a high school diploma in any field to qualify for this position. However, the mid-size and medium-size organizations prefer to hire candidates who possess an associate degree from an accredited educational institution. Additional qualification that benefits potential employees includes a technical school program from a reputed institution. Most companies provide on-the-job training but completing courses imparting HR related software knowledge are advantageous.

HR administrative assistant degrees, training, and certification

The minimum degree that potential candidates aspiring to work as HR administrative assistants require is a high school diploma. Moreover, the individuals must have some years of relevant work experience to gain a better opportunity. However, larger organizations hire individuals with a technical degree or an associate degree for the HR administrative assistant job description. Although, most companies train their assistants on the job, prior training in working with HR software applications and information systems is preferable.

HR administrative assistant skills and specifications

  • Team player
  • Customer servicing capabilities
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Strong interpersonal relationships
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Organizational capabilities
  • Ability to follow instructions without supervision
  • Adaptable to the demands of specific situations

HR administrative assistant salary

The salary paid to HR administrative assistant ranges from a low of $48,071 to a high of $82,682 per year. The average annual salary reported in the United States is $63,427.

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