HR Administrative Officer Job Description

HR Administrative Officer Job Description And Profile

An HR administrative officer is responsible for the entire administration of a company. The HR administrative officer is employed in almost all the sectors and hold effective job profiles. They are responsible for the hiring and the training of the high position employees. They make sure that everyone works as a team. An HR administrative officer must have a complete knowledge about the various working aspects of a company. He must be familiar with the latest market happenings and trends. He must be innovative and must come up with new ideas. He also interacts with the various departments as sales, marketing and finance. He must have a thorough knowledge about the working of the company. He is responsible for the administrative management of an organization. He also supervises the various departments such as the HR department, finance department etc.

HR Administrative Officer Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Review the various documents and logs
  • Reporting to the CEO
  • Documenting the risk management on the various projects
  • Manage the employees and provide them with the training in current market trends
  • Supervising the various departments
  • Handling the staff budget
  • Hiring of the high end officers
  • Planning various strategies related to business
  • Planning the marketing of the products and services
  • Compiling the monthly reports and logs and giving presentations on the same
  • Implementing the operational strategies
  • Improving the internal system to deliver more effective services
  • Providing training in the various fields to the employees

HR Administrative Officer Job Education, Training And Qualifications

An HR administrative officer must hold a bachelor’s degree in industrial relations, business management, public relations, human resources or any other related field. Many other courses are available to enhance one’s knowledge about the field. An experience of minimum 5 years is required for the post.

HR Administrative Officer Job Degrees, Courses And Certifications

The bachelor’s or master’s degree from a reputed institution in the relevant field is the basic requirement. Many certification courses are available to enhance the knowledge and skills in various area of interest. A wide variety of other certifications are also available. Distance or online courses are also available in the various fields.

HR Administrative Officer Job Skills And Specifications

  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Strong  trouble shooting skills
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Strong  problem detection abilities
  • Energetic

HR Administrative Officer Job Salary And Compensation

Salary in this field varies according to the post or the field applied for with the average salary being $112,768 per year.

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