Media Job Description

Media Job Description and Profile:

This is the age of media explosion. Companies cannot survive without the required amount of media exposure. Hence this position is strategically very important to an organization. The primary job of a media person is to contribute towards brand promotion and the advertisement needs of the organization, basically market the company’s image and product to the concerned public using various forms of media. This position demands hands on knowledge about the various trends in the business, what kind of promotion works in which segment and conduct market research and surveys in order to fine tune the strategies to get a wider reach in the targeted population. Must possess at least 6-8 years experience in a similar position.

Media Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Understand the organization’s business needs and design ad campaigns accordingly
  • Ensure maximum ROI on advertisement in various media
  • Thorough understanding of the market, various types of media and of different segments and preferences of targeted customers
  • Have good connections in various ad agencies, event management firms, pres, etc.
  • Ensure that ad campaigns are tailor made to adhere to organizational goals as well as ensure a wider reach with regard to target population
  • Organize various events like press meets, exhibitions, interviews, road shows and news releases on a periodic basis
  • Keep a track on budget
  • Periodic reports and data analysis required to ensure goals are being met

Media Education, Training and Qualifications:

Applicants for this position must definitely possess a bachelor’s degree in advertising, communications, mass media, journalism or marketing from a reputed institute. A Masters degree in management would be an added advantage, preferably specializing in media related disciplines. Prior experience in working in similar positions would add value. Proficiency in various media related software tools, design tools, electronic tools, etc., is recommended.

Media Degrees, Courses & Certification:

A four year bachelor’s degree in mass media, communications, journalism, advertising, brand marketing or any other media related discipline, from a college of repute is essential. A two year Masters degree in Management with a specialization in any media related discipline would be highly valued. Any other certifications regarding how to conduct market research, quality control measures, project management, etc. would be a plus.

Media Skills and Specifications:

Good networking capability and wide network of contacts in the media

  • Excellent analytical and logical skills
  • Thorough knowledge of market preferences for the company’s products and services
  • Hands on experience in dealing with various types of media for advertising
  • Creative bend of mind, artistic
  • Financial acumen and business skills
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Negotiation skills

Media Salary/Wage:

The salary for this position ranges from $81,000 to $106,500 with a median range of $99,000.

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