Medical Nursing Job Description

Medical Nursing Job Description And Profile

This job profile includes the covering of a lot of ground. Nurses handle a wide spectrum of tasks, procedures, jobs, specialties and duties. Nurses make up a large workforce and staff in any hospital or medical center. The various profiles in this vary according to what a nurse is trained to do. The main task of a nurse is to make sure that a patient is well taken care of. A nurse is responsible for everything be it the medication of the patient or his cleanliness. The doctors prescribe the patients with the medication; it’s the job of a nurse to take complete care of the patient. Hence, this profile is further divided based on the task that a nurse performs. The further specification in this profession can be taken as: registered nurses (RNS), head nurses, nurse supervisors, licensed practical nurses (LPNS), medical nursing home nurses, nurse practitioner. There are many shared tasks in this profession.  Still there are a lot of tasks which require specialization in the particular field.

Medical Nursing Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Must hold complete knowledge of the medication being prescribed to the patients
  • Must be able to deal with every problem of patient
  • Must be able to prescribe proper cure
  • Take care of the cleanliness of the patient
  • Taking total care of the patient
  • Must have a complete knowledge of the medication
  • Must be able to follow the diagnostics
  • Must be able to depict the patient’s health state
  • Must hold the knowledge of the various diseases and medication
  • Must be able keep the medical center clean
  • Must hold the complete knowledge of the various instruments
  • Must be dedicated towards the job
  • Must be able to work for long shifts

Medical Nursing Job Education, Training And Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in medical nursing field is required. For most of the position a master’s degree is a must. The course or degree may vary depending upon the post applied for. The degree and specialization is a prime requirement for any post. Various posts require the applicant to clear various licensing exams. Internship under good medical institution is also required before independent practice. Before working the applicant must have cleared the licensing exams in their specialization.

Medical Nursing Job Degrees, Courses And Certifications

The basic medical nursing from an accredited institution is the basic requirement. Special courses in for other medical nursing specializations are being offered by several accredited institutions. This profile holds many program of certification depending upon the position. Various licensing programs are also available. The certification courses are available in the industry related skills. An applicant must take courses in multiple skills. The applicant must have cleared all the licensing exams before working.

Medical Nursing Job Skills And Specifications

  • Ability to work for long hours
  • Ability to take complete care of the patient
  • Must have the basic knowledge of medication
  • Hold complete knowledge of the job
  • Basic diagnostics skills
  • Dedication

Medical Nursing Job Salary

The salary varies widely depending on the post applied for and the qualification. Salary ranges between $33,000 and $78,000, with national median salary being $43,000 per annum.

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