Nurse Administrator Job Description

Nurse administrator job description and profile

The nurse administrator is a senior employee within a medical facility who oversees the care provided to patients in all the various departments. As the healthcare industry has evolved, the nurse administrator job description has become important for superior care deliverance in the medical facilities. The individual is responsible for establishing procedures for providing efficient healthcare to patients. In addition, he/she ensures that the quality of care administrated improves continuously. The nurse administrator plays a vital role in the decision making process related to the nurses department in the medical facility. He/she acts as a mentor to the junior staff members from the nursing department. However, the nurse administrator does not work on the floor and has no direct relationship with the patients.

Nurse administrator duties and responsibilities

  • Creating work schedules
  • Performance appraisals
  • Developing work policies
  • Establishing ethical and legal standards
  • Attending administrative meetings
  • Developing training programs for new personnel
  • Ensuring high quality care is provided to the patients
  • Part of the decision making team of senior members

Nurse administrator education, training, and qualifications

The nurse administrator must possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing along with a registered nurse license. In addition, a master’s degree in nursing is an added benefit preferred by most medical facilities. Moreover, training is available through a Master of Science in nursing focusing on nurse administrator job description. The specialities provided in these programs include health planning, finance, health policy, management, and nursing research. The individuals aspiring to work as nurse administrators must possess a strong clinical base.

Nurse administrator degrees, courses, and certification

A bachelor’s degree in nursing along with a RN license is the minimum education required by the nurse administrator. Possessing a master’s degree or a focused nurse administrator degree is an added benefit. The individuals must continue further education and hold a license from the state authorities. In addition, you can choose a voluntary certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center that provides regular and advanced nurse executive examinations. This certification offers you additional opportunities to work in larger medical facilities.

Nurse administrator skills and specifications

  • Excellent clinical knowledge
  • Decision making capabilities
  • Supervision and performance appraisal abilities
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Management skills
  • Coordination capabilities
  • Basic financial and accounting knowledge

Nurse administrator salary

The annual salary paid to nurse administrator ranges between $54,628 and $97,468 with the average reported as $71,814 per annum.

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