Sales Job Descriptions

Sales job description and profile

A business firm operates on the base of the sales department. It is a highly creative minded job and the profit and loss of the firm directly depends upon the sales personnel of the org. One has to be sufficient communication skill along with the capability of taking high responsibility. There are several types of selling system, like selling through telephone, visiting customers physically, or even via internet. Selling does not involve only material products, but products like Heath Care Insurance, Software, Service Providing systems and anything, which a company provides.

Sale duties and responsibilities

  • The main job is selling the product of the company.
  • The second responsibility of the sales person is monitoring the needs of the customers.
  • The third responsibility is to communicate regularly with the customer.
  • The sales personnel have to listen carefully entire complains of customers and then to forward the serious issues to the company. Otherwise, ought to solve them so it does not decrease the customer’s faith against the company.
  • The functionalities of a sales person are to follow-up regularly for the due payments, along with the next orders. Additionally, he has to keep in notice that both the payment and order cleared timely.

Sales job education, training, and qualifications

In fact, the Sales Job should not have any strict qualification benchmarking, as this is mainly an inbuilt quality of a person make a person agree by convincing who was not agree. Nevertheless, as finding such quality may be stiff and may lead to misjudgment, the companies set some educational benchmarking like Bachelor or Master of Business Administration. The qualification may relate to the products of the company, because computer illiterate person will be unable to sale software to anyone. Nevertheless, most of the companies like the persons those who have any experience in this sales field, including a degree.

Sales job degrees, courses, and certifications

The main degree regarding the Sales Job is Bachelor of Business Administration may be Master of Business Administration.

Sales job skills and specifications

  • Communication skill
  • Hard working
  • Pressure handling
  • Mentality for target oriented job
  • Serious and capable of taking responsibilities

Sales job salary

In fact, the salary in sales job is simply sky is the limit. However, when the question comes to figuring out, we can say a range of $20,000 to $80,000, for various kinds of the companies, along with good incentives and bonus according to the employee.

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