Senior Financial Analyst Job Description

Senior financial analyst job description and profile

The senior financial analyst job description includes interpreting information and discovering trends within the data. Generally, a senior financial analyst focuses and specializes in a specific asset class, such as equities or fixed income. These finance professionals are employed by institutional investment banks or within an independent research firm. Several investors make investment decisions based on the recommendations provided by the senior financial analysts. These analysts study the financial information to offer investment recommendations to investors. Financial analysis is undertaken by collecting the information, analyzing it with statistical methods, and reporting their recommendations to their supervisors or investors.

Senior financial analyst duties and responsibilities

  • Collecting data
  • Studying and analyzing financial information
  • Preparing a report on their findings
  • Making investment recommendations to investors
  • Analyzing and studying a specific investment asset class, such as fixed income securities or equities

Senior financial analyst education, training, and qualifications

The senior financial analyst must possess a college degree with a focus on business administration. Additional qualifications that offer skills in law, finance, economics, mathematics, accounts, and statistics are beneficial to qualify for better job opportunities. Individuals aspiring to become successful senior financial analysts must consider completing a Master in Business Administration degree. Possessing relevant work experience with brokerage houses, banks, and corporations provides an added benefit to individuals aspiring to become successful senior financial analysts.

Senior financial analyst degrees, courses, and certification

The senior financial analyst job description requires individuals to possess a bachelor’s degree with a specialization in business administration. Most employers give preference to individuals who have completed courses focused on law, economics, statistics, accounts, mathematics, and finance as senior financial analyst. Moreover, completing a MBA is preferable to procure an excellent opportunity in a reputed organization. The senior financial analyst needs to work on complex financial and statistical models. Therefore, courses that provide such skills are recommended.

Senior financial analyst skills and specifications

  • In-depth knowledge of financial statements
  • Ability to work on complex financial models
  • Statistical and analytical capabilities
  • Ability to analyze information and make investment recommendations
  • Providing reports for senior management for decision-making
  • An eye for details
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Capable of meeting deadlines
  • Excellent communication capabilities

Senior financial analyst salary

The average annual salary earned by a senior financial analyst is $53,384 with the lowest earning at $40,166 per year and highest paid being $73,590 per annum.

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