Travel Job Description

Travel job description and profile

The travel job is the one of the most thrilling and adventures jobs in the planet. Travel job needs one to visit many places for reviewing, analyzing, and other kinds of research processes for traveling. Numerous services are applicable in this field based upon the duties along with the required skill sets. These jobs include travel nurse job, travel agent job, travel writer job, and travel counselor job etc.

Travel Job duties and responsibilities

  • Ought to have the responsibilities of researching and booking travel arrangements like honeymoon, family tour, and commercial tour
  • Travel agents provide the necessary information regarding the transportation, weather condition, and accommodation of the desired destination.
  • Travel nurses look after the health conditions of the travelers or their clients.
  • Responsibility of gathering all sorts of necessary information of a particular tourist location like hotels, weather condition, and most visited tourist spots, and available vehicles etc. for preparing tourist guidebooks
  • They provide them to the visitors of that area just for giving them a detail overview of that area before having a visit to that place.
  • They also guide them how to visit a particular place much cost effectively.

Travel Job education, training and qualifications

To secure a service in this field an applicant need to have bachelor degree in tourism, history, business, hospitality, or geography. It will help them to perform their job responsibility perfectly. Necessary training in tourism can be another means of getting into this field.

Travel Job degrees, courses and certifications

There are many schools, and universities exist in USA. They offer 4 years degree courses in travel tourism, in hospitality along with many vocational and associate training courses in travel and tourism.

Travel Job skills and specifications

  • The aspirants must be capable with traveling in different places frequently without any limitation of time.
  • They should be physically completely fit and should have medical allowance from the doctor to travel without any risk.
  • They should have strong command over the weather condition, historical significance, geographical location, tourist’s spots and other kinds of precious information of a particular place, where their clients are going to visit.
  • They should have good communication skill along with efficiency in computer.

Travel Job salary

Travel agents get the package of approx from $24,000 to $48,000 annually. It depends on the skill and experience of the travel agents.

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