Warehouse Assistant Manager Job Description

Warehouse assistant manager job description and profile

A warehouse assistant manager job description is primarily related to the administrative side of the warehouse. The individuals are responsible for organizing the systems to ensure that all the activities associated with the efficient functioning of the warehouse are conducted smoothly. The warehouse assistant manager directly works under the supervision and guidance of the warehouse supervisor or manager. The individual must be capable of following instructions within the prescribed time limits. The warehouse assistant manager is responsible for coordinating the activities with other members of the organization, the transport provider, suppliers, vendors, and other external customers.

Warehouse assistant manager duties and responsibilities

  • Systematically storing the items
  • Maintaining the inventory levels and keeping track of damaged goods
  • Ensuring smooth execution of various functions, such as receiving, dispatching, stocking, and requisitions
  • Coordination with vendors and transport service providers for receipt and dispatch of products
  • Supervising the maintenance activities of the machinery and equipments
  • Correct documentation and adhering to the safety guidelines

Warehouse assistant manager education, training, and qualifications

The warehouse assistant manager job description requires individuals to acquire a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree. In addition, employers prefer to hire individuals with a post graduation degree in materials management, inventory and/or bookkeeping, and other related subjects. Moreover, individuals who have a prior work experience in the warehousing or retailing segments have an added advantage over other job seekers. Any other training that provides an understanding on the warehouse and its operation is recommended to succeed in this segment.

Warehouse assistant manager degrees, courses, and certification

A Bachelor’s or an Associate degree with a specialization in stock-keeping, supply chain management, or trade administration is required to become a warehouse assistant manager. A post-graduate degree in some related field provides an added benefit to the job seekers. Acquiring basic training in interpersonal capabilities, written, and communication skills is recommended. Undergoing courses that provide individuals tips and methods for efficient time management is preferable. Any course that enables individuals to work under pressure without cracking is beneficial in this job profile.

Warehouse assistant manager skills and specifications

  • Superior organizational and regulatory capabilities
  • Good writing and communicating abilities
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Correct execution of orders within the deadline
  • Coordinating with colleagues and external agencies
  • Efficient time management capabilities

Warehouse assistant manager salary

The salary earned by a warehouse assistant manager ranges from $19,033 per year to $44,590 per annum.

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