Warehouse Janitor Job Description

Warehouse Janitor Job Description And Profile

Warehouse janitor job is to take care of the internal maintenance, cleanliness and optimum working of the warehouse. They are not responsible for dealing with customers or loading and unloading activities. They interact with workers and staff of various departments, ensure that the machines and equipments are serviced and waste disposal. Warehouse janitors work under the supervision of warehouse supervisors. In short, a warehouse janitor is the guardian of the warehouse.

Warehouse Janitor Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Ensuring that the warehouse is kept clean and hygienic
  • Ensuring that the warehouse equipment and machinery are regularly serviced and any repairs necessary are carried out
  • Checking goods for damage and reporting the same
  • Disposing goods that are damaged in a proper manner
  • Interacting with staff from various departments and take stock of maintenance requirements
  • May have to fill in logs on a daily basis
  • Shifting and repositioning goods from warehouse to storage more equipped storage units
  • Follow orders of the supervisor in planning schedules of various maintenance drives of the warehouse
  • Follow safety guidelines in the warehouse and ensure that all safety precautions are functioning optimally
  • Prepare reports for repair of warehouse components
  • Ensuring security of goods
  • Operate machines for cleaning and maintenance works
  • May have to train new cleaning and maintenance staff
  • Overseeing packaging of goods that have to be transported

Warehouse Janitor Job Education, Training And Qualifications

For the job of a warehouse janitor, a high school graduation is necessary. A minimum of five years experience of working in a warehouse is very important. A warehouse janitor job is incomplete without the mention of on the job training, which forms a very important part of the custodian’s education. In addition to education and training, special skills are required in order to perform the job optimally.

Warehouse Janitor Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

There is no specific degree as such, for the job of a warehouse janitor. The basic degree that is required is graduation from high school.

Warehouse Janitor Job Skills And Specifications

  • Excellent organization skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to understand orders and follow them precisely
  • The job requires physical labor and hence, physical strength is necessary
  • Must maintain good working relationships with all workers in warehouse
  • A keen sense of observation and meticulous work ethics
  • Should be punctual for work and finish works as per schedules
  • Strong knowledge about the use and maintenance of warehouse equipment

Warehouse Janitor Job Salary/Wage

Warehouse janitors are either paid an hourly rate of $11 to $15 or a yearly income ranging between $20,000 and $30,000 per year.

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