Warehouse Picker Job Description

Warehouse picker job description and profile

The primary warehouse picker job description includes keeping the goods in an orderly manner to enable quicker sales. These individuals choose the products that need to be stocked to replace the products that are sold daily. In addition, the warehouse picker must organize the products to ensure that the required products are easily accessible. Moreover, the individual places tags and maintains the inventories as products arrive from the suppliers. The warehouse pickers are the individuals who are responsible to stock the sales shelves with those products that are highly demanded by customers. An important aspect of their job profile includes the functioning of every department within the company.

Warehouse picker duties and responsibilities

  • Handling the inventory controls and the supply chains
  • Works as the assistance, shipping agent, receiving agent, and traffic coordinator
  • Sorting and organizing the products in an orderly manner to easily access the required products
  • Aware about all the different departments as they need to often coordinate with these
  • Recording the products that are received and the return of damaged products
  • Maintaining quality control by verifying the products as these are received

Warehouse picker education, training, and qualifications

The minimum educational qualification required to qualify as a warehouse picker is a high school graduation. Some employers prefer additional training that provides knowledge about the warehouses and their operations. Relevant work experience as a warehouse picker provides the opportunity to grow faster within the industry. Acquiring some basic training in maintaining records and other office administration skills provides aspiring job seekers an added benefit over other job seekers.

Warehouse picker degrees, courses, and certification

A high school graduation degree from an accredited educational institution is necessary for qualifying in the warehouse picker job description. Additional training and similar work experience are beneficial for job seekers. Employers prefer completing a course that provides basic office admin skills. Interpersonal skill development certification is recommended as the job profile includes huge amount of coordination with other departments of the organization. Basic course in English speaking and documentation is required for the job of a warehouse picker.

Warehouse picker skills and specifications

  • Physical fitness providing the capability to lift at least fifty pounds
  • Capable of tremendous amount of physical activities, such as standing for long durations, bending down, or reaching up to access the merchandise
  • Ability to work under pressurizing situations
  • Excellent organizational skills

Warehouse picker salary

The average annual salary earned by a warehouse picker is reported as $28,051.

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