Warehouse Picker Packer Job Description

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Description And Profile

A warehouse picker packer job can be outlined as a job that requires the job holder to take care of replenishing stocks for a retail outlet from the warehouse. He has to make regular checks of the stores and gather information about all the goods that have to be brought supplied from the warehouse. In other words, the job of a warehouse picker packer is to pick goods from warehouse that are essential for the retail outlet. He also has to take care of packing the goods and ensuring that they are safely loaded on to the transport vehicle. A warehouse picker packer generally works in a team.

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Duties And Responsibilities

  • Taking orders about customer requirements
  • Picking out goods that are requested by customers
  • Ensuring that the goods and packed properly and has the right address written on it
  • Ensuring that goods are dispatched on time
  • Making sure that all the goods are stocked in an organized manner so as to save time and increase ease of work
  • Maintain records of availability of goods
  • Work with different departments to ensure that the warehouse does not run out of goods
  • Keep track of stocks received from various sources
  • Ensure that the goods that are received are not damaged in any way whatsoever and in case of damage, take steps to return the products
  • Ensure high quality of merchandize

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Education, Training And Qualifications

According to warehouse picker packer job offered by various warehouses all over the United States, a high school graduation is sufficient for a person to be eligible for the job of a picker. It is always an advantage if the applicant has experience of previous work in a warehouse.

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Degrees, Courses & Certification

High school graduation is the basic degree required. Training is provided on the job. There is no requirement of certifications.

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Skills And Specifications

  • Ability to undertake physically challenging jobs
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Good organization skills
  • Ability to stand long hours and lift loads
  • Must satisfy deadlines for dispatch by picking and packing things on time
  • Must be able to work fast
  • Strong knowledge about the functioning of the warehouse and procedures to be followed while picking and packing

Warehouse Picker Packer Job Salary/Wage

The salary of a warehouse picker packer job ranges between $23,000 and $40,000 per annum.

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