Warehouse Staff Job Description

Warehouse staff job description and profile

A warehouse staff job description primarily is a clerical position that focuses on the daily administration and organizational functioning of the warehouses. The individuals working in this position must maintain the records of various activities and processes related to the warehouse. Moreover, the warehouse staff must correctly follow all the instructions provided by his or her supervisors. The job opportunities for warehouse staff are available in industries, such as medical, aviation, and retailing. An important part of this job profile is complying with all the legal requirements of acquiring and dispatching the materials. Moreover, the warehouse staff is responsible for maintaining stock balances, price lists, and other documentations.

Warehouse staff duties and responsibilities

  • Keeping a record of all the materials and supplies stored within the warehouse
  • Following the instructions of the warehouse supervisors and/or managers
  • Maintaining the documents related to the inflow and outflow of all materials
  • Supporting in the legal procedure for documenting the receipt and dispatch of the goods and materials
  • Completing the order forms and the material requisition documents
  • Maintaining a record of surplus, deficit, or damaged goods
  • Reporting any discrepancies in the inventories to the supervisors
  • Recording the servicing and maintenance records of the warehouse machinery and equipment
  • Getting ready documents, such as pricing lists, inventory levels, and similar other paperwork

Warehouse staff education, training, and qualifications

The minimum educational qualification required by the employers while hiring the warehouse staff is a high school degree or an equivalent education. In addition, employers prefer when the individuals possess a diploma in accounting, stock management, and other related fields while hiring warehouse staff and personnel. A basic training in English and computers is advisable for individuals seeking employment as warehouse staff. Prior experience in a similar position is advantageous in gaining quicker promotions.

Warehouse staff degrees, courses, and certification

A high school degree or an equivalent is necessary for finding employment as warehouse staff. Certification course in basic computer knowledge and operations is an added advantage for efficient execution of the warehouse staff job description duties. Courses that impart training in the legal procedure and compliance of inventories are beneficial to individuals aiming for an employment opportunity in this field. The individuals must be qualified to handle the inventory management and other documentation that is part of this job profile.

Warehouse staff skills and specifications

  • Strong analytical and mathematical capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to read and write
  • Efficient time management skills
  • Ability to clearly understand and follow instructions with minimum supervision
  • Capable of coordinating with other departments within the company
  • Awareness about the legal and safety guidelines for warehouse management
  • Capable of completing the necessary documentation
  • Ability to complete all the required paperwork

Warehouse staff salary

The higher annual warehouse staff salary is recorded as $51,818 while the lowest per annum salary paid to these individuals is approximately $23,508. The national average salary earned by warehouse staff is reported as $32,507 per year.

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